Sydney U3A Vice President, Public Relations

A candidate for the VPPR should have public relations and marketing experience, be familiar with social media and have a sound understanding of the ethos of Sydney U3A.  The role includes:

  • Promotion of Sydney U3A
  • Organising communications meetings with regional PR Officers
  • In conjunction with regional PR officers, developing and implementing a coordinated public relations policy
  • Developing relations with media outlets including local newspapers, community radio, Council PR officers, seniors’ organisations to increase awareness, heighten public interest and help generate new members
  • Developing brochures to be used for  PR purposes
  • Preparing and /or overseeing the distribution of media releases
  • Developing and/or overseeing the maintenance of an up-to-date presence on social media
  • Preparing and/or coordinating the monthly newsletter  “Staying Connected”
  • Attending Board of Management meetings and presenting written reports on PR activities

Please contact Judy Harris on president.sydneyu3a@gmail.com or 0447 194 510

This position is voluntary and may be suitable to job share and work as a team.