How the Courts Work, 8 and 15 September

How the Courts Work  (max 10)

Intrigued by how the courts work and what happens in Court? Baffled by who’s who in fancy dress? All will be revealed during this two-part guided visit. Each walk also focuses on the heritage architecture and local history of the area.

Meeting place and further details disclosed when booking confirmed.

Part 1 Friday 8 September
We explore the workings of the inferior courts sitting at the historic Brickfield Hill courts precinct. We aim to sit in on trials, sentence proceedings and bail applications in the Local Court and District Court.
Finish 12.45. Affordable Korean lunch afterwards.

Part 2 Friday 15 September
We spend time at Queen’s Square to see how the superior courts operate. We visit the Supreme Court, the Federal Court and the High Court, which is scheduled to sit in Sydney on this day. We may attend a murder trial or sentence proceedings, a civil hearing and some appellate matters.
Finish 12.45. Affordable lunch afterwards.

Organised by Beatrice Scheepers City and Inner West

Bookings essential for both dates, but only between 9am Monday 28 August and 5pm Wednesday 30 August. Places determined by ballot. Results notified by 5pm Friday 1 September. Essential: please provide telephone number, membership number and expiry date when booking.

Email bookings only: Beatrice Scheepers 0402 969 004 (enquiries only)