Great Synagogue Tour, 10 August

Tour of the Great Synagogue (max 25)

The Great Synagogue has its origins in the 1820s, and the first Jewish services in Sydney. A synagogue was founded in York Street in 1844, and although a rival congregation was formed on Macquarie Street, the two communities reunited in 1878 to form The Great Synagogue. The building is one of the national treasures of Australia, and one of the most beautiful places of worship of any denomination. The glorious Ark, cedar Bimah and pews, stained glass windows, shining brasswork, intricate tiles and star-studded ceiling are most impressive. The tour cost is $10.

Thursday 10 Aug from 10 :30 to 11:30
166 Castlereagh St Sydney

Email bookings only: David Wardle
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Organised by David Wardle City and Inner West