NB-Zoom presentations

ZOOM on the Northern Beaches

While a limited number of face to face courses have now re-opened, the popular series of ZOOM presentations/talks is continuing. Please take the time to check the schedule below for full details – there’s bound to be something to interest you.

Further information and instructions on installing ZOOM can be found here.

These courses are proving to be very popular and with limited vacancies.
If you are interested in booking, please contact Ian Thompson for up to date information.
Note that this Zoom series will continue through until 3 December and on a fortnightly basis rather than previously weekly.

All courses are on Thursdays, from 10am-12noon.
Please register by email with Ian Thompson  (collaroyplateau@hotmail.com)
Invitations will be emailed on the Wednesday afternoon prior to each Thursday session.

8 – The Charge on Beersheba and the Australian Light Horse Walers
Speaker: Peter Allen
Utilising videos and photos, the speaker will take you on an amazing journey: from the story of the extraordinary ‘Walers’ of the ALH and their historic charge on Beersheba, to the anticlimactic relief of Jerusalem by General Allenby in 1917 and the accidental capture – before ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ – of Damascus in 1918.

22 – Medicines – From Discovery to Market – Speaker: Sunny Yan
An overview of the discovery, development, and marketing approval of new medicines, including regulatory control at each stage to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy.

5 – Digital Disruption in Medicine – Speaker: Punchi (Das) Dassanayake
Medical Science has been revolutionised to incredible levels in the past two decades. What has digitalisation done to this centuries old Science?

19 – The Forecast for D-Day – Speaker: Dick Whitaker
The story behind the decision to choose 6th June 1944 as the day for the invasion of occupied Europe. The speaker examines how the Allies’ meteorological team went about this difficult forecast, in the days before satellite images and weather radars had become available.

3 – Spiders in the Home and Garden – Speaker: Ian Thompson
A close-up look at the fascinating world of spiders. We look at the biology and diversity of both dangerous and harmless ground-dwelling and web-spinning spiders that are found in and around our homes.


10 – Time Travel – A Look at Time through a Scientist’s Eye – Speaker: Dr. Laurie Wilson
Travelling in time is a favourite theme for speculative fiction, but despite some paradoxes is not entirely ruled out by speculative theories in physics.

24 – The History of Timekeeping Devices – Speaker: Kevin Murray
In this richly illustrated multimedia presentation, we explore the long history of humanity’s attempts to measure the passing of time, from ancient sundials, water clocks and hourglasses through to the increasingly accurate mechanical and electronic clocks, culminating in the astonishing accuracy of the atomic clock, explaining how all of these (and more) timekeeping devices work.

The Lost Diggers of Fromelles | General Sir John Monash – Speaker: Peter Allen
The Battle of Fromelles, 19-20 July 1916, saw the worst 24 hours in Australia’s history. A century later, forensics and DNA matching led to the amazing identification of almost 200 lost diggers. Comparison with the 1st AIF victories in 1918 under John Monash’s leadership could not be more stark.

27 – Australian Skeptics’ Scientific Investigations – Speaker: Dr. Ian Bryce
Australian Skeptics investigates pseudoscience and the paranormal, and the many dubious claims challenging the laws of science. A large prize is offered for real evidence.

A Look at Australia’s Flood and Bushfire Weather Extremes – Speaker: ‘Weatherman’ Dick Whitaker
16Nuclear Power – Australia’s Answer to Climate Change? – Speaker: Martin
Thomas AM
30An Introduction to Sensory Science – Speaker: Dr Greg Organ

– Putting Alternative Medicines to the Test – Speaker: Kevin Murray
– Modern Slavery – Speaker: Jim Murray
– Past Pandemics, including the Spanish Flu and the Black Death – Speaker: Jim Murray
– The Australian Paralysis Tick: Biology and Medical Significance – Speaker: Ian Thompson

7 – Lesser Known Insects in the Home – Speaker: Ian Thompson
14 – Two Great Talks on Early Sydney History – Speaker: ‘Weatherman’ Dick Whitaker
21 – Living in the Anthropocene – Speaker: Kevin Murray
28 – The First Million Years of Human Communication – Speaker: Dr Laurie Wilson

A number of other established courses are also running via ZOOM but are accessible for existing participants only:
Creative Photography: Laurie Wilson and Ian Thompson
Acoustic Guitar Group: Alan Brand
Ukulele: John Peters
Ukulele for Beginners: Felicity Davis
3ARO Third Age Rock Orchestra: Harvey Broadbent
Intermediate Spanish: Alexis Tabensky
Monday Morning Discussion: Kevin Murray
Topics of our Times: Antoine van de Walle

Some of our regions are also running limited face to face courses plus special presentations via ZOOM. Details can be found by visiting their regional pages, accessed via the Sydney U3A Home Page.