NB-Topics of Interest at Newport

Topics of Interest at Newport  (32 attendees)

Main Hall, Newport Community Centre, 11-13 The Boulevard, Newport
(off Barrenjoey Road)

Come and join a friendly group to experience ten separate presentations by people who are experts in, or have enthusiasm for, their subjects, covering a wide variety of topics from science, history, travel, the arts, social justice and some quirky topics.
First Wednesday and Fourth Tuesday of each month, 1.30-3.30pm (no school holidays)

Pre-booking for each individual presentation is essential via this link.
Sorry but we are unable to take bookings prior to the booking dates.

Wed 2 September Tom Sweeney Behind the Scenes
A behind the scenes description of how
musicals are chosen, cast, rehearsed and
staged and how it is now a big business
not just a hobby.
Tues 22 September Val de Rome Plastic Free Living
Bookings open 11 September
Our environment is infiltrated by plastic.
Learn easy and cost effective ways to reduce
our own plastic footprint.
Tues 27 October Giles Stoddard Bees in our Backyard
Bookings open 17 October
Learn why many people enjoy keeping bees
in their backyard thus helping to pollinate
neighbours’ gardens. Remember much of our
food relies on bee pollination.
Wed 4 November Dr Judy Ford Genetics: Why We Age
Bookings open 26 October
Teasing out facts and making sense of science.
Interesting and provocative! Developmental biology
and human genetics. Inspiring, vibrant, witty!
Tues 24 November David Hunt Girt by Sea!
Bookings open 14 November
Hilarious history! David Hunt reveals the truth of
Australia’s past, from megafauna to Macquarie –
mishaps, curiosities, eccentricities and Eureka
moments making us who we are.
Wed 2 December Lorna Parker Brainsense – Keeping a good memory for life
Bookings open 22 November
Senility is not part of the ageing process! Stop
worrying about your memory. Think about how
good it is. Learn how to use memory strategies.