NB-Topics of Interest at Newport

Topics of Interest (Page 40)

Main Hall, 11-13 The Boulevard, Newport (off Barrenjoey Road)
No public or school holidays

Come and join a friendly group to experience separate presentations by people who are experts in, or have enthusiasm for,
their subjects, covering a wide variety of topics from science, history, travel, the arts, social justice and some quirky topics.
The first Wednesday every month, 1.30-3.30pm  Note:  Bookings not required

Leader: Margaret White, or 0416 182 393

3 July Michelle Moffatt A closer look at the world of artificial intelligence
AI is a game-changing technology with transformative
potential. Amid the current hype, this presentation
outlines what AI is, practical applications, new risks
posed to individuals and strategies to manage them.
7 August Diana Pheils Drama! Drama! Drama!
An afternoon of murder, bloodshed, jealousy and rage!
How Greek Tragedy has shaped the drama we enjoy today.
4 September Richard Harris Imagine: surgeon/author/musician
This will be your opportunity to talk to a real live vascular
surgeon and novelist about his two passions. Come with
curiosity and questions. Be prepared to sing!
2 October No presentation due to school holidays
6 November Suzanne Upton, Archivist RAS History of the Royal Agricultural Society
Country comes to the city. How the Easter Show has developed
over 200 years. Show bags, side shows, hot scones, beautiful
plants and animals!
4 December Graham Spindler Celtic music and musicians
Celtic music is a grouping of music genres that evolved out of the
folk music of the Celtic people of Northwestern Europe. Hear the
history behind Celtic Music, a performance by seven players and
a special afternoon tea!