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Thursday Talks at North Curl Curl (Pages 38 and 39)

Corner of Griffin and Abbott Roads, North Curl Curl

A series of weekly presentations by people who are experts in their subject.

Note:  Pre-booking is required for each individual session
Bookings: By email to Ruth Buchanan, or 0401 203 368

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and the need to have limited numbers at our venues, bookings for lectures can only be accepted for ONE MONTH AHEAD. We hope you understand that by doing this we can give all members the same opportunity for booking individual presentations. The only exception to this is if the lecture series continues for more than one session and is on ONE SUBJECT, by the SAME SPEAKER.

21 and 28
Diana Pheils Theatre Talks
How Elizabethan theatre rose to the demands
of the audience. Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe,
the ‘University Wits’ and Shakespeare: his early
background, education and the progression of his
plays, from early comedies to great tragedies.
4 February David Strike The darkness beckons
In their exploration of water filled caves, divers
are slowly pushing back the frontiers of science
while pushing the extremes of human capability,
occasionally becoming involved in highly
publicised rescue operations.
Bookings for this presentation only to:
Sylvia Strike, 0414 290 938
11, 18 and 25
Peter Nixon A brief history of human wisdom, Part 1
Humans have always attempted to find answers
to fundamental questions about existence,
knowledge, values and reason. How have these
answers changed over time?
4, 11, 18 and 25
Jim Murray Founding fathers of USA
These four sessions are about the founding
fathers of the USA, especially about Alexander
Hamilton. Without them there would be no
United States of America.
1, 8 and 15 April Ian Thompson The study of insects and other arthropods
found in the home and garden

Three talks on social insects, spiders and unwelcome
critters found inside the home.
22 April Ross Downie Quarantine Station
The history of the Quarantine Station, in particular its
importance for infection control in the new colony.
29 April
6, 13 and 20 May
Laurie Wilson Photography basics
This lecture-based series will cover basic concepts
in photography such as composition, and knowing
how cameras work to improve our photographs.
27 May
3, 10 and 17 June
Diana Pheils Theatre talks, continued
Strindberg and the theatre of the subconscious.
The extension of realism in Europe and the
sentimental theatre of J M Barrie.
George Bernard Shaw: Purposeful laughter.
An actor prepares: The legacy of Stanislavski,
from Russia and beyond.