NB-North Curl Curl

North Curl Curl Community Centre
Corner of Griffin and Abbott Roads

Balance n Bones (20 attendees)
Commencing Monday 3 August and Friday 7 August.
Two classes on Mondays and Fridays, 9.30am and 10.30am
Members should specify which class they would like to attend as we can accept 20 only per class.
Pre-booking essential on a first come first served basis
as previous bookings no longer apply
Contact: Email – Ruth Buchanan, or mobile 0401 203 368

Cryptic Crossword Course (Basic Introduction) (20 attendees)
Six consecutive weeks commencing Thursday 6 August, 1.30-3.30pm
Discover secrets that will help you decipher the mysteries of cryptic crosswords.
Pre-booking essential – Contact: Email – Eve Lane, or mobile 0455 948 864


Pre-booking for each of the following sessions is essential
on a first come first served basis
Contact: Email – Ruth Buchanan
Sorry, no walk-ins for any of these courses

Past Pandemics (40 attendees)
A series of presentations by Jim Murray, 1.30-3.30pm
A pandemic is a serious epidemic that goes worldwide.
This course will discuss some of the worst pandemics in the past:
4 August – Justinian Pandemic
18 August – The Black Death
1 September – The Spanish Flu
15 September – HIV

History of the Middle East (40 attendees)
A series of presentations by Peter Nixon
Thursday dates: 6, 13, 20, 27 August and 3 September, 10.00-12.00noon

Sydney’s Gardens of Stone (40 attendees)
Presentations and films by Janine Kitson
Two Thursdays – 10 and 17 September, 10.00-12.00noon
Part 1: Learn about Sydney’s Gardens of Stone’s unique geomorphology and biodiversity and why they need to be protected.
Part 2: Learn how Destination Pagoda’s conservation, recreation and tourist plan has potential to transform Lithgow into a thriving eco-tourism destination.

Drama and Theatre (40 attendees)
A series of presentations by Diana Pheils, 10.00-12.00noon
24 September – European Drama, Ibsen and the Dawn of Realism
1 October – The Victorian Stage and the success of Oscar Wilde
8 October – The Irish Contribution to World Theatre
15 October – The Moscow Arts Theatre and Anton Chekhov

Garden Insects and Bugs (40 attendees)
Speaker: Ian Thompson
Thursday 29 October, 10.00-12.00noon

The First Million Years of Human Communication (40 attendees)
Communication between humans defines our species and the Internet is the most recent, and possibly most far-reaching innovation, following speech, writing and the printing press.
Speaker: Laurie Wilson
Thursday 5 November, 10.00-12.00noon

Garden Insects Friend and Foe (40 attendees)
Speaker: Ian Thompson
Thursday 12 November, 10.00-12.00noon

Starring at the Stadium, Session 2 (40 attendees)
Speaker: John Watt
Thursday 19 November, 10.00-12.00noon

Mike Williams and his Quartet: Live Music (40 attendees)
Thursday 26 November 10.00-12.00noon

Christmas Morning Tea with Eve Lane: Music (40 attendees)
Thursday 3 December 10.00-12.00noon