NB-Curly Questions in Science

Curly Questions in Science (Pages 42/43)

Cnr Griffin and Abbott Roads, North Curl Curl

For members who enjoy science, please join us for a series of talks on a wide range of topics presented by speakers, experts in their field.
Alternate Tuesdays, 10.00am-12.00noon  Note: Bookings not required.

Leaders: Adj Prof Laurie Wilson and Ian Thompson
Enquiries: Email preferred to Laurie Wilson, or 0417 045 934

23 July Peter Nixon Is nuclear power a realistic alternative for Australia?
Is nuclear power a viable and realistic alternative source of
energy for Australia? This extremely relevant presentation brings
in the science of nuclear power, the cost and the politics from
a balanced viewpoint.
6 August Dr John Walsh The history of vaccinations plus scurvy
Astronauts of the past in the Age of Discovery were killed by
scurvy. Smallpox also, until Jenner discovered that milkmaids
were immune. Learn how diet and vaccination helped us.
20 August Chris Russell AM ABC : ‘The New Inventors’
Our presenter is an agricultural scientist and for many years
was on the judging panel of the early ABC ‘The New Inventors’
television program.
3 September Kevin Murray The evolutionary origin of humans
Where did we really come from, as determined by the latest
fossil and genetic evidence?
17 September David Malone The history and use of clay
The history, science, and the use of clay in ceramics and pottery
over the centuries.
1 October Jeff Burgess Artificial Intelligence
An easy-to-follow introduction to the state of AI in popular culture
and the real world, including the arguments about its potential
benefits, risks and what the future may hold.
15 October Prof Don Napper The life of inventor Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor but a tragic eccentric. His
inventions included the generation of hydroelectric power and
high voltage electricity transmission, inventions that are critical
to our daily lives.
29 October Dr Judy Ford The rise and rise of cancer
Royal Family members have had cancer, and everywhere cancer
rates in younger people are increasing dramatically. This talk will
use the latest world data to show you why.
12 November Dr Laurie Wilson Pattern formation in nature
How have natural processes produced the dazzling variety of
patterns we see around us, from zebra stripes to sand ripples?
26 November Ian Thompson Extraordinary eyes – how animals see the world
For us, the world can be a stunning place, but what is it like for
other members of the animal kingdom, and what function does
colour serve for them?