NB-Fridays in the Forest

Fridays in the Forest (Pages 37/38)

93-95 Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest (behind Glen Street Theatre)

A monthly program of separate presentations on a wide variety of topics given by people with expertise in,
and enthusiasm for, their subject.  Something for everyone.
Last Friday every month, 10.00am-12.00noon  Note:  Bookings not required

Leader: Email preferred, to John Watt or by phone to 0407 547 583.

26 July Cindy Davies Harems of the sultans
Cindy is back, this time to tell us about the ‘Harems of the Sultans’.
Learn about the treacherous politics of the harem, hotbeds of
jealousies and intrigue. This will be fun!
30 August Peter Nixon What is democracy really about?
Democracy, what is it? Was Putin’s election democratic? What about
the USA elections coming up? What about our own?
Come and find out from our own Peter Nixon.
27 September Dr John Walsh Medical matters and our body
How are you feeling? Our speaker Dr John Walsh will help us decode
the mysteries of medicine and our body, what it’s made of, what can
go wrong and how to treat it.
25 October Graham Sims Remarkable characters of Sydney
Graham Sims recounts the incredible stories of Bea Miles and ‘The
Eternity Man’ Arthur Stace. Two remarkable characters of Sydney
who Graham has met and had personal encounters.
29 November Geoff Davidson European search for the Great Southland
Geoff Davidson will tell us about some of the myths and lesser known
facts that led to the European discovery and spectacular development
of our once far off land.