NB-Course Book Changes

Northern Beaches Course Book Changes/Updates

North Curl Curl Community Centre

Social Sequence Dancing (Page 50)
Please note that the start date for this course is Tuesday 2 July, not 5 July as noted in the Course Book.

Theatre Talks (Page 51)
Please note that ‘Manners to Melodrama’ will be held on 28 November, not 28 October as noted in the Course Book.

Private Homes

Wendy’s Book Club (Page 52)
Please note this course will be held on alternate Thursdays from 11 July, not 12 July as noted in the Course Book.

New Venue (not in Course Book):
Watermark Village, 80 Evans Street, Freshwater

August events – all from 10.00am-12.00pm:
5 and 19 August – Great Orchestras of the World, with Rosemary McCulloch
12 August – Napoleon: The Australian Connection, with Geoff Davidson
26 August – Current Affairs Discussion Group, with Ian Nicholas

If you wish to attend, please contact Rosemary McCulloch for further details