NB-Current Course Changes

Course Book Changes/Updates

Semester 2: July to December 2023

Please note that two courses will not continue in Semester 2:
Tuesdays at the Tramshed and Contemporary Issues, both previously held at The Tramshed in Narrabeen.

Tour of Government House – Page 8 of the Course Book

This tour is being organised by City and Inner West Region and will be held on Friday 25 August,
ie not Tuesday 25 August as stated in the book.

Narrabeen: Tramshed Arts and Community Centre

Monday at the Movies – MAM  (Page 39)
Please note the change of leader for this course – current details as follows:
Leader and Bookings: Liz Boase – lizzyboasebruce@gmail.com  0413 736 331

Thursday 12 October, 2.00-4.00pm in the Lakeview Hall
This is a two-hour inaugural presentation lead by JC Kovacic, an experienced u3a member who is very familiar
with the pilgrimage and happy to answer any questions on the topic.
Depending on interest from our members this may be followed by a workshop sometime later this year or early 2024.
No need to book, just turn up and enjoy hearing about this extraordinary pilgrimage.

North Curl Curl Community Centre

Games Afternoon **NEW**  (Page 41)     Alternate Tuesdays from 3 October 1.00-4.00pm
Have some fun by playing board games, card games, whist, crazy whist, mahjong, chess,
scrabble, backgammon, monopoly …. and more?
Are you an expert in any of them? Would you like to teach others?
Movie Series **NEW** 
Various Tuesdays – 26 September, 24 October and 7 November from 1.00-4.00pm
Presenter’s pick and audience wish list if available.
Leader: Kerrie Sanders
No need to book, just come along!