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We email the U3A City & Inner West Region Newsletter to every Sydney U3A member who lives in the City & Inner West – as long as you have provided your correct email address to Sydney U3A. You can add or update your email address via the Membership section on the Sydney U3A website, or by contacting Central Office.

If you live outside the City & Inner West Region and would like to receive the City & Inner West newsletter, please send an email to vicki@mcglashan.com.au and we’ll add you to the list.

August 2023

  • Parliament House Tour
  • Scrabble Club
  • Bridge
  • Learning from Home
  • The Great Synagogue
  • Ned Manning talk about Painting the Light at Leichhardt Library
  • Croquet
  • Glebe Drawing Group
  • Brislington Nursing Museum
  • Munch on Brunch
  • Patricia’s enthusiasm for soccer

July 2023

  • Recorder Group
  • Munch on Brunch in Marrickville
  • Patricia’s Pen – Simply the Best in Greece

June 2023

  • President, Vicki Moss away for the next month
  • City Office is moving at the end of June
  • Semester 2 Course Books available by 23 June 2023
  • Research into the Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • How to get help with tech issues
  • Munch on Brunch in Dulwich Hill
  • Patricia’s Pen is about music

May 2023

  •  New committee member
  •  Joy Pegler presented with her Honorary Life Membership
  •  Sydney u3a cruise with the Naval Historical Society of Australia
  •  Anne Hall embarking on a more distant cruise
  •  Bridge for the less competitive
  •  Patricia philosophises about the difference between being poor and living in poverty

April 2023

  •  Would anyone like to put up a few posters about Sydney u3a?
  •  Sally Sitou Afternoon Tea for Seniors
  •  Research about caring for family members with Dementia
  •  Research about older Australians and mental health
  •  Happy Birthday Patricia Thornton
  •  Patricia’s Pen about holiday anticipation

March 2023

  •  At our AGM the committee was re-elected unopposed.
  • The treasurer’s reports shows our budget is OK, despite losing members in 2020-2022.
  • Joy Pegler awarded Honorary Life Membership.
  • Journalist researching friendships forged later in life
  • Patricia reflects on ageing.

February 2023

  •  New Courses that weren’t in the Course Book
  •  Munch on Brunch
  •  International Women’s Day
  •  NSW Doctors Orchestra

January 2023

  •  City & Inner West AGM is on Wednesday 8 March
  •  New Courses
  •  New Book Group & Podcast Club
  •  Health and Wellbeing for seniors

November 2022

  • A successful New Member Meeting
  • Lots of information about November Activities
  • A hint of courses to expect in 2023
  • Patricia asks us to take heed from her unfortunate experience

October 2022

  • Barbara’s White Orchid
  • Pétanque Workshops
  • The Psychological Benefits of Being Outdoors
  • Reports on Recent Outdoors Events

September 2022

  • Farewell to Barbara Burton from the committee
  • How the Courts Work Tour
  • Visiting Regional Galleries
  • We need a marquee on 30 October

August 2022

  • Members’ contributions
  • Patricia’s pen
  • Eco corner

July 2022

  • New Committee
  • Upcoming courses

June 2022

  • New courses Semester 2
  • The quiet leader: Graham Murphy
  • Carmel reflects on Semester 1
  • Podcasts – are you interested?
  • Munch on Brunch

May 2022

  • C&IW Region President’s Message: Sydney U3A Need YOU
  • C&IW Region – New Committee Members
  • Australian Perspectives – Topics for May and June 2022
  • Munch on Brunch

April 2022

  • President’s Message – 2022 Courses up off and running
  • C&IW Region Course Coordinator – Course Updates
  • Glebe News
  • Munch on Brunch at Parliament House

March 2022

  • Farewell Region President Jennifer Waldron
  • C&IW Region AGM Notice
  • Wanted: Leaders for Photography and Bushwalks
  • Munch on Brunch

February 2022

  • C&IW President’s Message
  • Sydney U3A AGM
  • Regional Course Coordinator Updates
  • Glebe – Benledi Room and Glebe Town Hall – Welcome to 2022

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