Several wonderful bushwalks are arranged each Semester.
Full details are in the Course Book.

Bushwalks – COVID-19

We regret that, due to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic, we were not able to schedule any bushwalks for much of 2020. We hope to schedule some walks in 2021. Members will be advised of the details.

Leader and Bookings

Bobble Kersten is the leader and booking secretary for all bushwalks.
She can be contacted at:
Tel: 02 8854 1646
Mob: 0410 873 605
Email: bobbiekersten@iinet.net.au


All bushwalks are medium grade.
You are responsible for your own safety on the walks.

  • Bring a hat, water, lunch and block-out cream
  • Wear shoes with a safe walking tread
  • Layered clothing is best for walking.
    • A thin inner layer is good if it gets hot, as it lets you peel off warmer outer layers.
    • There can be a severe cold snap on even the hottest day.
      Bring some spare warm outer layers just in case.
  • Rain can sweep in during a clear and sunny day.
    Make sure you carry a waterproof to protect you from unexpected rain.


When bushwalks resume the transport arrangements for each bushwalk will be advised in the listing for each bushwalk on the website.

  • If traveling by train, we are in the third carriage
  • Timetables are subject to change!
    Check the Transport Info Line:
    Phone 131500, or
    Internet www.transportnsw.info
  • Call Leader for Late Program changes.
  • Held last Sunday of each month