Inner West

Welcome to City & Inner West Region

The City & Inner West Region covers venues in the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas controlled by Sydney City Council, as well as many areas to the west and south of the city.

  • Sydney City Council
  • Burwood Council
  • Canada Bay Council
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Council
  • Inner West Council
  • Parramatta Council: the portion formerly Auburn Council
  • Strathfield Council

City & Inner West Courses

Information on our many interesting courses are on the City & Inner West Courses page

City & Inner West Venues

U3A City & Inner West is fortunate to have access to many excellent venues. City & Inner West Venues are listed on the City & Inner West Courses page

Details of each venue, including the address and access information, are in the Course Book and the City & Inner West Course List.

Course Book Corrections

From time to time the details of a course changes after the Course Book goes to the printer. Below are the updates and corrections for Semester 2, 2018.

City & Inner West Region of Sydney U3A apologises for any inconvenience.


191WJ02 Strummin’ with Jen

Change of Venue
Due to the popularity of the course, the venue changed starting with the session on February 21, 2019
The new venue is the Chamber Hall on the ground floor of The Old Town Hall in St Johns Rd, Glebe. Enter via the doors at the side of the building. Ramp or stair access is available.

Millers Point

Change of speaker and topic: 21 March 2019 10am to 12 noon

Unfortunately the talk “Logic and Reasoning” will not be presented.

The replacement talk will be by Ian Thompson at the same date and time. The new topic is: “An Introduction to Forensic Science, including the use of insects to help solve crime”.

Events: Guided Tour of Central Park – Date Correction

Page 6 of the Semester 1, 2019 Course Book lists a Guided Tour of Central Park. The Course Book has the correct date but the wrong day of the week.

The correct day and date are Thursday 27 June, 2019.

Fridays at Leichhardt Library: Course Cancelled June 2019

191WL15 – Crime, Punishment and Civil Disputes in Colonial NSW

This four session course was originally planned to start on June 7, 2019. Unfortunately it has had to be withdrawn as the presenter Malcolm Robertson will not be available for medical reasons. Our best thoughts and wishes for a full recovery are with Malcolm.

Replacement courses are listed below.

Fridays at Leichhardt Library: Replacement Courses June 2019

191WL15 – China And Its Global Impact

China is the oldest continuing culture in the world. We trace its cultural and political history from an ancient civilization through to a modern global superpower.  (2 sessions)

Speaker: Himanshu Jhala
Fridays 7 and 14 June 10:30 – 12:30
Bookings: Margot Walker: 0404 362 490

191WL16 – Tracing Iran’s Journey From Great Ancient Civilisation To Theocratic State

Iran was the original eastern Super Power and its empire was a global hub of culture, religion, science art and technology from the 6th to the 4th C BC. (2 sessions)

Speaker: Himanshu Jhala
Fridays 21 and 28 June 10:30 – 12:30
Bookings: Margot Walker: 0404 362 490

Fridays at Leichhardt Library: Updated Course Description

191WL10 – Loris Bonney

Bonney travelled the world, solo, in a Gypsy Moth in the 1930s. Despite mishaps and crashes, at World aerodromes, she appeared as though she had stepped out of a beauty salon.

Friday 5 April 10:30 – 12:30
Speaker: Chris Beazley
Bookings: Margot Walker: 0404 362 490

Glebe Library: Benledi Room

The Japanese course will now have two leaders rather than one. The two leaders will take alternate weeks. The course details now are:


Knowledge of hiragana and kanji will be helpful. Experiences in conversation will include grammar study. This is a small, social group but not for beginners.

Series 1: Each Thursday from 7 Feb 10:00 – 12:00 Leaders are Haruko Johansson and Nobuyo Williams. Bookings: Juanita Englefield 9816 5807

“Out There”

Coordinator Bobbie Kersten organises “Out There” events, many of which have multiple sessions, to take members to the delights of Sydney and beyond.

Details of upcoming “Out There” events are in the Course Book


Bobbie Kersten organises several bushwalks per year.

Upcoming bushwalks are briefly listed on the Bushwalks page.