Our Zoom Courses

Our Zoom Courses

Here (below) is the program of upcoming Zoom talks and courses scheduled so far. 

We encourage you to enrol in your chosen online talk by using the MyU3A booking system. You can enter that system by clicking here -> MyU3A booking system. If you have enrolled correctly, you will get a confirmation of enrolment and the Zoom link will be emailed to you on the morning before each talk.

However, if you have difficulty using that booking system, need Zoom help, or have any questions about the program, please email Rosemarie Einstein with your membership number, name, and desired talk -> einstein@starmer.net.au

Courses/talks via Zoom

Thursday 1 April                 10.00am              Frank Marks  
Legal strategies to deal with old age and keeping your loved ones happy  
This session covers strategies to protect your well-being and assets when your faculties start to fail.
Thursday 8 April                 10.00am              Professor Peter Carroll 
If the question is “should you be vaccinated?”, then the answer is “yes”.  
Peter will discuss the following –
• How does the human immune system work?
• How do vaccines work?
• Why do I need to get an influenza (flu) vaccination every year?
• Can the influenza (flu) vaccination actually give me the flu?
• Should I get vaccinated against COVID-19?
• What is herd immunity, and why is it important?
• Is the anti-vaccine lobby misguided?
• If I am over 60 what vaccines should I make sure I have received?

Thursday 15 April                10.00am              Frank Marks
All about advance care directives  
These documents are designed to give you some say in how your quality of life is managed when you no longer have control.

Thursday 22 April                 10.00am              Ron Ray OAM
Teddy Sheehan  
Teddy Sheehan was recently awarded the first and only VC to a sailor in the RAN. The talk covers his personal story, the battle action on HMAS Armidale in 1942 where he won his VC and how Sheehan has been commemorated since then.

Thursday 29 April                 10.00am              Ann-Charlott Paduch 
Zero Emissions 
An overview of Zero Emissions Sydney North and where emissions come from in our suburban areas, and the key actions you can take to reduce your overall carbon footprint including
– switching to a renewable electricity retailer
– considering the 3 main ‘energy vampires’ in your home: heating/cooling, hot water and pool
– installing solar panels, including options for apartment owners
– E-bikes and electric vehicles
– choosing banks, insurance and superannuation that invest in new green technology and industries and services that don’t harm the environment.

Thursday  6 May 10.00am       David Wilkins 
Three Vietnam Wars (1946 – 1975)
The presentation is about three Vietnam Wars:
1. The 1st Indo-China War or ‘The French War’ (1946 -1954) which ended in 1954 with the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu;
2. The 2nd Vietnam War or ‘The American War’ (1960-1973) that ended with the Paris Peace Accords in 1973; and
3. The 3rd Vietnam War (1975), the invasion by North Vietnam leading to reunification of north and south.

Thursday 13 May 10.00am        Val de Rome 
Plastic-free living
Every week the average person ingests one teaspoon of microplastic in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Most is not recycled and so released into the environment. Learn about alternatives to help make a difference

Thursday  20 May 10.00am             Margaret Kropman
Social media – an overview
Who uses social media and why, who benefits and how, who pays, and how do businesses use it? What is the research evidence on the social pros and cons and on the personal pros and cons?

Thursday  27 May 10.00am            Assoc Prof Jonathon Arnold
Unlocking the medicinal potential of cannabis 
Cannabis has been used for millennia to treat various medical conditions. In recent times opinion has shifted towards acceptance of the plant’s therapeutic potential and, more than ever, there is a strong need to advance our scientific understanding of medicinal cannabis. In this seminar Jonathon will overview the research being undertaken at the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics (LI) at the University of Sydney. LI is a philanthropically funded research centre that specialises in both preclinical and clinical studies on cannabis-based therapeutics. Jonathon will also overview national and international developments in medicinal cannabis policy.

Thursday  3 Jun    10.00am          Ana and Gaby Deleon
Holocaust survival story
Ana was born in 1935 and enjoyed a normal, happy childhood until 1941, when the Hungarian and German forces occupied the area of Yugoslavia where she lived with her family. They were forced into a ghetto and later sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Although several of her family perished in the camp, her immediate family survived.

Gaby was born in Belgrade in 1927. During the Holocaust years he was taken a hostage as a Jew but, as a minor, he was released only after a few days. He was later caught with false documents but was fortuitously helped by completely unknown individuals. There were other instances where strangers displayed courage and generosity in helping his family to survive.

Gaby’s father was shot by the Germans and more than 60% of his extended family members were killed, mostly in concentration camps.

On returning to Yugoslavia, Gaby obtained a PhD in geology and Ana completed a degree in chemical engineering.

Gaby and Ana immigrated to Australia in 1971.