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Our Zoom Courses

Our Zoom talks in 2021 are beginning in February and here (below) is the program of the first set of scheduled courses/talks over February and March. This webpage will be updated with new talks when the schedule is confirmed so check back here regularly.

We encourage you to enrol into your chosen online talk by using the MyU3A booking system. You can enter that system by clicking here -> MyU3A booking system. If you have enrolled correctly, you will get a confirmation of enrolment and the Zoom link will be emailed to you on the morning before each talk.

However, if you have difficulty using that booking system, need Zoom help, or have any questions about the program, please email Rosemarie Einstein with your membership number, name, and desired talk -> einstein@starmer.net.au

Courses/talks via Zoom

Thursday 18 Feb              10.00am               Graham Johnston
GABA enriched tea
Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages.  GABA is a simple non-protein amino acid that is vital to brain function.  While tea normally contains small amounts of GABA, tea brewed in the absence of oxygen contains 10 to 20 times as much GABA.  Such GABA-enriched tea has a calming effect and lowers blood pressure.  There are now many foodstuffs on the market that are enriched in GABA. You don’t even need to ingest GABA as it has been shown that yoga increases brain GABA!

Thursday 25 Feb              10.00am               Ruth Irwin
Sustainability and Insights from Maori Culture
Maori indigenous culture traverses stone age technology to contemporary modern society. They have adapted to the overlay of colonialism and the acceleration of Taylorist production and most recently, cybernetics. This talk shows the evolution of Maori culture from an archaeology of early society to the insights they offer for living sustainably in 2021.

Thursday 4 Mar 10.00am              Judy Sleijpen
Bee Amazed
Discover why people keep bees, the history of beekeeping, the reason bees prefer certain flowers, how they live and why they’re so important.  Find out about different species of bees, various types of beehives and the products these amazing creatures make, including their delicious honey.

Thursday 11 Mar              10.00am              Sally Harrold
Navigate ‘My Health Record’
My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. Did you know that unless you have opted out of this program, a Health Record has been setup for you automatically enabling your health information to be viewed securely online from anywhere, at any time. Join us as we explore My Health Record and demonstrate how to login, control access to your information, view the information held about you and start using your record with confidence.
N.B. This one can’t be booked through MyU3A . Register for this meeting by clicking on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUrceCgrz4pH9a20_hljScWdRj4B_ssGsMD

Thursday 18 Mar              10.00am              Noel Phelan
Japanese and midget submarines 
What happened in Sydney Harbour is a good example of how people react when the unexpected happens and there has been little preparation. If you thought that the Americans at Pearl Harbor misinterpreted and ignored warnings and were slow to react, wait until you hear how we handled the Japanese midget sub attack in Sydney Harbour in 1942.

Thursday 25 Mar              10.00am              Adrian Pilton
Design and construction of Barangaroo 
The Headland Park at Barangaroo was the biggest park to be built in central Sydney for over 100 years.  The process of its design and construction took some 7 years and was complicated by political issues and technical difficulties.  Adrian Pilton was the director of the design team responsible.  His talk will explain the process, the problems and the methods used to overcome them.


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