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Online U3A courses and talks

Here is a list of our upcoming talks and courses which are now available for you to join. All the courses/events listed below are presented online via ‘Zoom’ software. You will have to book into your chosen online talk by using the U3A’s Online Booking System. You can book by logging on here => Online Booking System. 

Shock and Awe – Alexander and the Hellenistic World (last 2 of 4 sessions)
The dashing campaigns of Alexander the Great extended from the ancient shores of the Aegean to the Punjab. Focus will be on the historical and archaeological material that bear witness to his conquests and the remarkable kingdoms that arose in the East following his death.
Wednesday 29th July 10am – 12pm Last day for booking: Monday 27th July
Wednesday 5th August 10am – 12pm Last day for booking: Monday 3rd August
Speaker: John Tidmarsh

I’ll Drink to That
Alcohol is one of the earliest drugs used by humans. What does it do and how are these effects used and abused?  What determines blood alcohol concentration and how can this be measured by breath analysis? Tolerance, addiction and social problems of alcohol use will also be discussed.
Monday 3 August 10.30 – 11.30 Last day for booking: Saturday 1st August
Speaker:  Rosemarie Einstein

A Brief History of Astronomy
How different cultures have sought to measure and understand the movements and nature of the heavens.
Friday 7 August 10.00 – 12.00 Last day for booking: Wednesday 5th August
Speaker:  Kevin Murray

A + B = C of Climate change
Jim will explain the simplicity of the information we need to understand the link between (A) burning fossil fuels + (B) increasing greenhouse gas emissions = (C) climate change. The presentation has 4 components:  how the climate has changed, how greenhouse gas emissions have increased, the link between the increase in emissions and the climate change and the things we can and must all do for the future of our children and grandchildren.
Monday 10 August 10.30 am – 12.30 Last day for booking: Saturday 8th August
Speaker:  Jim Main

Operation Zircon          
This was an outstanding forensic investigation that showcases the work of highly regarded forensic professionals who painstakingly carried out a world class investigation. Don Hancock, a retired police officer, had been the head of CIB in WA. Lou Lewis was a bookmaker friend. Both were killed at 6.36pm on 1 Sep 2001 by a bomb planted in their car as they approached Hancock’s home in Enfield St Perth.
Wednesday 12 August 10 am – 12 pm Last day for booking: Monday 10th August
Speaker:  Ken Jeffries

I’m Not a Victim, I am a Survivor
Eddy is a Dutch Australian who arrived in Sydney in March 1954 as a 14-year-old. His book tells how his father, mother, brother and himself, just three and a half years old, survived the Holocaust.  Eddy is one of the youngest Holocaust survivors still around.
Friday 14 August 10.00 – 12.00 Last day for booking: Wednesday 12th August
Speaker: Eddy Boas

The Romanovs
The last of the Romanovs were murdered by a firing squad in July 1918. Were the human remains found near Ekaterinberg in 1991 really those of the Tsar Nicholas and his family?
Wednesday 19 August 10– 12 Last day for booking: Monday 17th August
Speaker:  Ken Jeffries
Alcohol at Sea
Find out about the origins of grog and the navy, where the rum ration came from and when it disappeared. We also explore the elaborate ceremony of the rum issue on board navy ships.
Monday 24 August 10.30 – 11.30 Last day for booking: Saturday 22nd August
Speaker:  Ron Ray

The Garrick Legacy
David Garrick was perhaps the most famous theatre actor/manager of all time. He revolutionised the theatre in the 18th century. This talk was originally given by the late Ken Methold, an author, a gentleman and a good friend of Ken Jeffries. The English Theatre and Jane Austen were his two passions. Our speaker has all the slides and script. He helped Ken Methold put it together and present it. He will show it, knowing Ken Methold would be happy if it was done in his memory.
Wednesday 26 August 10.00 – 12.00 Last day for booking: Monday 24th August
Speaker: Ken Jeffries

These truths, a brief history of the USA (4 sessions)
The origins and rise of a divided nation from the American experiment based on political equality, natural rights and the sovereignty of the people to the mighty state machine of today.
Wednesday 2 September 10:00– 12:00 Last day for booking: Monday 31st August
Wednesday 9 September 10:00– 12:00 Last day for booking: Monday 7th Sept
Wednesday 16 September 10:00– 12:00
Last day for booking: Monday 14thSept
Wednesday 23 September 10:00– 12:00
Last day for booking: Monday 21st Sept
Speaker: Peter Nixon

In Australia, a stroke occurs every 10 minutes. That’s more than 55,000 strokes every year across people of all ages… and the impacts last a lifetime. But stroke can be prevented. Join us and the Stroke Foundation to hear
* What stroke is and how to recognise the signs of stroke.
* What to do if someone is having a stroke.
* How to prevent stroke in you or the people you love.
Tony is a determined stroke survivor, a member of the Stroke Foundation’s Consumer Council, runs a stroke recovery group and, in his spare time, volunteers at his local hospital.
Friday 4 September 10:00 – 11:15 Last day for booking: Wednesday 2nd Sept
Speaker: Tony Finneran

The essential Boer War
An overview of the Boer War, Australia’s first war, covering its origins, the course of the war and a brief look at its consequences.
Monday 7 September 10:30 – 12:30 Last day for booking: Saturday 5th Sept
Speaker: Robert Eales

Quackery part 1
A brief history of the worst ways to cure everything. The golden age of quacksalvers -a historical look at quackery from the middle ages to current time and the treatments that these medical-peddlers offered.
Monday 14 September 10:30 – 12:30 Last day for booking: Saturday 12th Sept
Speaker: Ian Thompson

Quackery part 2
The Golden Age of Quackery and early surgery. A look at early medical cures and medical peddlers – Quacks as they were called – together with early surgery including trepanning, bloodletting and leech-therapy.
Monday 21 September 10:30 – 12:30 Last day for booking: Saturday 19th Sept
Speaker: Ian Thompson

Japan: surviving as a first-time tourist
When/if international travel resumes, Japan is likely to once again become a key destination. The pandemic has presented unique challenges to a country with a large aged-population and crowded cities but the uniqueness of Japanese behaviour, technology, and culture can be seen even by casual tourists. This talk is about the impact of that uniqueness on the experience of first-time tourists to the country, and will cover many of the practical aspects of traveling in a wealthy, developed, technologically-advanced country that is so culturally different from many others.
Monday 28 September 10:30 – 12:00 Last day for booking: Saturday 26th Sept
Speaker: Jeff Burgess

“Beam me up, Scottie”
The when, what, how and why of some drugs that are classified as “uppers” – cocaine, amphetamines (Ice) and Ecstasy.
Wednesday 30 September 10:00 – 11:30 Last day for booking: Monday 28th Sept
Speaker: Rosemarie Einstein

 Any questions or problems you have about these talks, please contact Rosemarie Einstein by email at einstein@starmer.net.au and we will help.

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