HN Committee

You are invited to attend the 2019 AGM which will elect committee members for 2019… see here for information

Harbourside North Regional Committee 2018

President and Venue Coordinator Hunters Hill
Judy Harris
Anne Richardson
Treasurer and Venue Coordinator Lane Cove
Robert Lynn
Events Coordinator
Marje Ashworth
Publicity Officer
Barbara Caldicott
Membership Coordinator
Kate McClelland
Regional Course Coordinator
Rosemarie Einstein
Venue Coordinator
Kathy Vern-Barnett
Venue Coordinator Mosman Art Gallery
Eve Klein
Venue Coordinator Melody Room, Mosman Art Gallery
Annika Tults
Venue Coordinator Mosman Square Seniors Centre
Merv Simmons
Venue Coordinator The Manors, Baytree Greenwich and McMahons Pt.
Lesley Duffill
Assistant Venue Coordinator Dougherty Community Centre
Janet Douglas
Assistant Venue Coordinator Dougherty Community Centre
Ursula Schappi
Website and Technology Consultant
Jeff Burgess