U3A GW Courses

Click on  COVID-19 Requisites for attending face-to-face courses/ sessions. At the moment, all our face-to-face classes are on hold unless otherwise informed.

Semester 2 2021.
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Twenty-four face-to-face Greater Western U3A sessions are on hold unless you have been advised personally.  GW Zoom courses continue to grow. As F2F courses come back, we will keep you informed right here!

Course/ Session Updates including 3 face-to-face sessions on ZOOM

Note 1: Our Words  changed to every second Monday 10-12noon from August 9 on ZOOM  Email Rachelle for Zoom link
Note 2:  Single Session@Swinburne Tuesday (face-to-face course)
has moved a few presentations to ZOOM  Email Ken for Zoom link
Note 3:    People and Events that Changed the World October 21st has now changed to Peter Doherty Nobel Laureate and Veterinary Surgeon presented by Con Bugden. Email Rex for Zoom link
Note 4:    Lively Discussion Group has moved from Harry Todd Band Hall on Friday to Northmead Bowling Club Wednesday 1:30- 3:30. However, until Lockdown eases, the group is meeting on ZOOM.  If you wish to attend and you are most welcome, contact Sue 
Note 5:   ZOOM Travel and History. The following presentations are now confirmed. Email Con for link
1. China                    2 Nov               Presenter Jim Houghton
2. Cape York.           30 Nov              Presenter  Sue Bailey
3. Malta                    14 Dec             Presenter Con Bugden
Note 6:    History of the Balkans 1802-1914 at Harry Todd Band Hall in Parramatta is cancelled for Semester 2.