GWR Courses

Face-to-Face Meetings

Zoom Courses GWR

Using zoom, members can  also enjoy

  • Single Session Tuesdays,
  •  Emerging Science
  • People Who Changed the World.

To view details  click  Greater Western Update No 6

and  People Who Changed the World Semester 2

Zoom courses are also available in other regions. Please refer to their websites for details.


Online Courses –  with Carmel Liddell

As an exercise in online interaction, why not participate in  the following Greater Western Newsletter courses?

  • GWN Photograpers Online
  • GWN Writers Online
  • Submissions received via email will appear in GWN (The Greater Western Newsletter), monthly.
  • Membership is fluid – participate and you’re a member!
  • Provide you’re own tea and biscuits…
  • The venue? Your place –  any time.
    How does it work?
  •  Each month the newsletter will have three story prompts. Readers can then select one, two or all three for inspiration for a story or poem.
  • The prompts are phrases I find whilst reading. Books provide a wealth of material!
  • The prompts may be juggled to suit your story.
  • Photos – send in your favourite pics of places been and things seen.

Email photos and stories to Carmel Liddell: 

See Greater Western Newsletter August 2020 for the latest photos and story prompts.