Greater Western Region

Welcome to The Greater Western Region.

March, 2018.

Museums Discovery Centre, Castle Hill.

Parramatta, rich in colonial history, lies at the heart of our region which embraces 31 post codes in  a loose circle from Ermington to West Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Glenhaven, Kenthurst, Kellyville, St Marys, Fairfield, Lidcombe, Granville plus all suburbs within- such as Bella Vista, Blacktown and Kings Langley.

Central Parramatta is  being rebuilt and the new railway line from the Hills area is becoming a reality. Blacktown is also having a facelift! A new Town Centre with multi-story accommodation is under construction.
The Greater Western Region is blessed with many beautiful parks and recreational areas. 

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Even More Breaking News!

I’ve heard on good authority (Ian Keith) that Canasta and Mah Jong broke their attendance record- again!

Twenty one people attended this month which only goes to prove- the biscuits are definitely getting better!

Vale Janet Clayton

To read Ann Orel’s tribute to Janet, click here.


Annual General Meeting- 1.12.17

 A big thank you to U3A’S President Barbara Boston, for being our special guest at this year’s AGM. Members from U3A groups, Our Words, Storytellers Parramatta and Family Tree Mysteries Solved provided the afternoon’s entertainment on the theme, ‘Verbal Battles’. Items presented included conversations with telemarketers, a nine year old’s  exchange  with her teacher (an absolute gem as told by Morag Sutton in a Scottish accent!) and several raps. Who knew seniors could rap?! The programme concluded with a sing-a-long led by ukulele strumming duo,Sue Brennan and Warren Norris.  Afternoon tea was enjoyed by all and Lucky Door prize winners Kevin Campbell, Margaret Patterson and Stan Yan are still smiling!

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To read the items presented and to see more photos, click  Entertainment AGM 2017

Canasta and Mah Jong Christmas Party – 5.12.17

Great time had by all! Cheers, Ian.                Photos by Ian Keith.

 The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler Lunch Cruise 19.9.2017

Bev Cockburn’s Report click report


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GWR Holiday 2018 Bellingen

Recently members would have received a reminder email about this holiday. This is a cover page and this the itinerary.

 More Breaking News!

We had a record attendance of 18 for Mah Jong and Canasta on Monday August 7th! A good time was had by all and the biscuits are getting better.


End of Semester Theme ‘Family Secrets’.

The U3A holiday for 2017 was to the Riverina with our accommodation being in Wagga Wagga (place of many crows), NSW.

Click on the coach for Diana’s report and a selection of slideshows/photos.

AGM 2016

The theme for our event this year, following the usual AGM formalities, was ‘Grand Designs’. Our presenters with links to their stories were:

Leila Flower
Morag Sutton
Ann Orel
Glennis Henning (Read by Rachelle)
My Word Group
Lorna Clayton (read by Morag)
Carmel Liddell

Slide show  of presenters and guests

Click on the button below to see a slide show of photos taken on the day.  This link will take you to a report of the day.

Norman Lindsay


Mid Year Madness 2016

The theme for this years “Madness” was Growing Old Disgracefully.  Clicking on the links below will take you to the various stories presented.

My Word group.
Lorna Clayton – What next?
Leila Flower – Nudist
Glennis Henning – Not for Whimps
Read on behalf of Alan Bornefeldt – Aging Disgracefully
Storytellers group – Stop Interrupting

Click on the button for a slide show of presenters.




Click the button to see Diana’s report, itinerary and slideshow.

Next years holiday will be to the Riverina as mentioned in Diana’s report. This is the itinerary and brochure with map.

The Greater Western AGM in December 2015

was very well attended.  Below are a selection of photos with links to what was presented.  In order of appearance:

Ian Thompson, Carmel Liddel, Dorothy Johnson, Colin Smith, June Keith, Sue Brennan, Norma Fergussen receiving flowers as a retiring course presenter. Glennis Henning, Lorna Clayton,Chantal Menissier. Writing Creatively. A few of Storytellers (1) Parramatta (2) then a few of the My Word group. Jane Mackey and finally the draw with several winners.  As usual, click on the photo to increase its size.


We are pleased to announce that our GWR President Dorothy Johnson, was awarded life membership of U3A at the annual GM last year by U3A President Beverley Peken.

Dorothy & Beverly

Mid Year Madness 2015

Mudgee Holiday

See our itinerary and Diana’s report.

Mudgee button

Here is something new.  Photos of the holiday have been uploaded to Flickr.  The above button will take you to the Flickr site and you will see all photos.  Clicking on each photos will make them larger.  At the bottom of your screen you will see comments I have made on some of them.  The best way to view the photos is to click on the first one, the coach, then just click on the arrow at the right hand side of the picture.  The speed at which the photos will appear/load is dependent on your connection speed.


 GWR AGM December 2014

Another great day with a really good attendance and importantly some new faces.  Below are a list of presenters with links to what they read.

Margaret Dwyer’s ” If ” by Rudyard Kipling.

A brief biography of Rudyard Kipling presented by David Fernon, page 1 & 2

Enid Hogan ‘If’ Personified.
Lorna Clayton ‘Her Toenails.’
Storytellers Parramatta – Skit, much of which was adlibbed, see photo.
‘The IF Conference‘ Chantelle Menissier, read by Davis Fernon
Such a Big Word ‘If’ by Glennis Henning







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