From Our Members

Intergenerational Study

~ Anita Spinks
Members may recall Cherie’s invitation to u3a Endeavour regarding an Intergenerational Study around June last year. Encouraged by similar studies shown on the ABC under the title Pre-school for Seniors, I paid heed to the call and signed up as a participant.
In 2023, participants were hit with a battery of both physical and cognitive tests and were sent surveys regarding our general health on a monthly basis. It was not until the beginning of the 2024 school year that our participation began in earnest.
Seven seniors and seven pre-schoolers started the course at an Oatley kindergarten. In no time at all, we were collaborating in games, sharing stories and enjoying craft activities like these.
The study has been extremely rewarding. My Thursdays are the best in the week!
We’re halfway through the study and are down two adults and two pre-schoolers as the set-up was not for them. All those remaining (both young and old), love our connection! It has been a great success so far. We don’t know whether our readings will show any difference but there’s been a marked improvement in our quality of life.