From Our Members

Keeping Poetry Alive

~ Liz Peters

You may have heard that I am going to pull up stumps and head down the road less travelled, meaning that my husband and I will move to the Central Coast. One of the things I am going to miss is you, the members of my Endeavour poetry group.

Together, we have explored the works of famous – and not so famous – poets and discovered many a gem. Poets whose names we had never heard before, now mean something to us.

  • We went on a voyage of discovery and found poems from across our sunburnt country
  • We compared Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson
  • We suffered with Sylvia Plath and laughed with Ogden Nash
  • We picked daffodils with Wordsworth
  • We drifted on a boat with The Lady of Shallot
  • We tried to figure out the mindset of T.S. Eliot
  • We shivered with Robert Service on the Yukon
  • We ploughed through sonnets, ballads and even Haiku poetry.

While we did all that, we learnt a lot, had fun, and often drifted off into lively discussions.

It would be a shame if our group vanished from the course book, just because I am leaving. There must be somebody in our region who could keep poetry alive. You do not have to be a retired English teacher or hold a university degree in literature. Look at me – I have never set foot into a university, and English is my second language.

Anyway, while I get on ‘Mulga Bill’s Bicycle’ I would like to think that this does not have to be the end for our group. Even though it’s too late to continue in the first semester of 2023, the group could re-convene in the second semester. If you are willing and able, you can put your own stamp on the class, and maybe share the fortnightly presentations with someone else.

Go on, talk to your course co-ordinator and take the plunge – for poetry’s sake!