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Have a look at what is happening in the Endeavour (Southern) region of Sydney U3A, which meets in the St George area and Sutherland Shire !

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News from our Region

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Welcome to Jim Sloan, Endeavour’s new Course Coordinator.  Many of you already know Jim from his attendance at various events. We all wish Jim well in settling into the role.   His email is jsloan@sloan.id.au

Vacancy for PUBLICITY OFFICER:  We need someone who could give a few hours a month to visit local libraries and community centres etc to distribute our brochures, contact the Leader newspaper as needed and attend the Committee meetings on the first Friday each month. Every assistance will be given. Please contact Ian McLeod on spotmcleod@gmail.com 


Endeavour U3A Life Member Alf Edwards died recently, aged 90 years. Alf was particularly involved in various walking groups, and also history and science groups.  He made a truly wonderful contribution to the University of the Third Age and will be sadly missed.

July 30 2019 – 5th Tuesday Lecture


David White’s family has completed more than 100 years of military history, beginning with his father who registered with the British Army in 1916 and served in many countries around the world working his way through the ranks to Wing Commander and a commanding officer after WW2 in Malta. His uncle also served and brothers, John as a fighter pilot and Peter as a technical officer with the famous Dambusters. The family migrated to Australia and David joined the CMF at age 16. He later joined the Army in 1963 and in 1965 was sent to Vietnam. Overall David has spent 22 years in the regular Army, followed by 12 more years in the Reserves. Now, David’s son is continuing the White family military tradition. David says he ‘regrets nothing’.

Living conditions for the soldiers in Vietnam were basic to say the least. To begin with the men were housed under two thin tarps press-studded together and supported with poles, Underneath they slept on blow-up mattresses, and rigged up mossy nets. Day to day life was hard. A soldier’s day pack weighed approximately 40kg, while many of the men might weigh just 60kg themselves. Food was supplied in individual boxes, including some kind of meat, bread, cookies, jam, spoon, salt & pepper, coffee, beverage powder, crema, cigarette ration and toilet paper. We also heard about the staggering cost of ammunition.

Red Cross ‘girls’ would hand out playing cards and chewing baccy – the use of which had to be explained to the Australians by American troops. Then there were the concerts to entertain the troops, Little Pattie, Col Joye, Bob Hope, Normie Rowe, himself a serving soldier, and Big Pretzel to name a few artists– sometimes with shells firing above their heads.

The Battle of Long Tan is remembered by David as a period of monsoons, extreme fatigue and the handling of the casualties.

Nowadays David is a member of the AVVRG, an organisation founded in 1994 to support educational needs, dental care and nurse education in the Ba Ria/Vung Tan Province of Vietnam.

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On 26 July 2019, a large number of members helped to celebrate 30 years of U3A Endeavour Region.  Special guests included as many as possible of our Life Members, Dianne Ekert from U3A Sydney office and Carol Provan, Sutherland Councillor.   Well-known member Mary Small was Guest Speaker.    On the day, some of our members showed what a diverse and talented group we are, with readings, singing and displays from various art groups.  Tribute was paid to the many Leaders who make all of our courses possible.

Leaders were unanimous in welcoming enquiries from anyone interested in joining a group.  If something appeals to you and it is currently full, consider forming and leading a new group yourself.  Participation is a great way to Grow and Socialise with Passion.

Your committee work hard behind the scenes to provide the framework of the organisation, and especially hard to make this celebration possible.  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet old friends and catch up with the latest news.  The afternoon was topped off with a delicious afternoon tea spread, plus a magnificent cake and a wobbly-to-start rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to U3A’.  The following pictures help tell the story!

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And here are some more pictures from Cherie

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Tuesday 24 September 8:30 – 5:00
There are some vacancies for this event. For further details see Page 10 of Semester 2 booklet or please call
June Keith 96211215 , 0412 040 230

Next Committee Meeting

The next U3A Endeavour Region (Southern) committee meeting will be held on:
Friday 6th September 2019 at 10.00am in the Activity Room at Cronulla School of Arts, Cronulla.

All members are welcome to attend.


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