The University of the Third Age, also known as U3A, aims to share knowledge and grow minds, foster social contact and a passion for education primarily for those over the age of 50.  It relies on volunteers to lead and administer our many courses. Within Sydney U3A , Sutherland Shire  and parts of  St George  are known as Endeavour Region, with a membership of some 600 people  and many leaders and administration people.  It has a variety of venues and wide-ranging courses.

Sutherland Shire  covers 370 sq m in the south  of Sydney, with a growing population of some 230,000 and is widely known as the birthplace of a nation. Captain Cook landed at Kurnell in 1770 which was the home of the Dharawal-speaking people. 

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ZOOM Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Mimi Laurillo

At the July Zoom meeting participants heard from Mimi Laurillo, Speakers Bank Co-ordinator, and Brian from Speakers Bank. Mimi explained first the role of the organisation. The mission statement :

Speakers Bank raises awareness, acceptance and understanding of people with disability and older people through the power of communication.

Through a large group of people they raise awareness and address issues affecting the disabled and elderly through public speaking. Some, like Brian, go further and actively advocate for change. Training in public speaking is given so individuals can share stories of their lives, experiences and what challenges they may face.

Brian, an enthusiastic speaker, told how he contracted polio as a baby and about his journey through life with the aftermath of this affliction, all of the ups and downs. He’s now reached a point where he actively advocates for change. Some of the issues he’s noticed and addressed include access to public transport, such as the portable ramps on and off trains at the platform and getting from the platform to street levels, what to do if the lift is out of order. It’s not easy.

Lastly, Brian pointed out that many of the problems faced by people with a disability on public transport and elsewhere will also be faced by many of our ageing population in times to come. If you would like to learn more, browse for Speakers Bank – motivational public speakers.

Next Zoom Tuesday – end of August 2020 – watch for details!


3rd  issue
Our Endeavour Southern Region Newsletter ! has been emailed to members and is available on the Newsletters sidebar.
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Some of the Highlights from the July Newsletter :

Shire Sketchers initiative of drawing during a virtual outback tour in Queensland, including examples of paintings done along the way.
Singing for Fun continues to enjoy both virtual social contact and singing via Skype, including theme weeks – think Vera Lynn and Bastille Day.
Music For Pleasure likes to include the best of musical styles in their twice-monthly meetings, ranging from Baroque to Classical to Romantic to the Twentieth Century. They have been able to continue meeting in their retirement village home!
Meet the Leader and Member, separate features – this month Robert Englund and Gwen Nay

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A coursebook for Semester 1, 2021 will be published – the first since the Covid shutdown. Work will commence on preparation of the coursebook early next month in August.

  • * Semester 2 2020 can now begin face-to-face for some classes between now and the 1st September!  The venues are opening for classes in Sutherland and the St George area.
    * Head Office has prepared a sensible Covid-19 Safe Plan which has been submitted and accepted by each of our landlords. All course leaders will need to familiarise themselves with our Covid plan and follow it for their face-to-face meetings.
    * Face-to-face courses will not be an option for all our course leaders due to the size limitations with previous venues. There will also be a number that will continue being delivered via Zoom. Course Leaders are currently being briefed.
  • A list of COURSES currently available for  existing participants ONLY – to be found here : Current Courses, participants only
    Any enquiries to Leaders please!


The Armchair Travellers have been busy and prepared their second travel presentation!  See their first and second fantastic holiday destinations in Course Reports!  (link above)

Our new section, Keeping in Touch:
   (click Our Courses link above) to see how some classes are continuing with their contact.

Tell us how are you are keeping safe and amused during this staying home period!  
Has your group found a way to keep in touch with each other? One group of U3A friends is keeping in touch with take-away coffee then sip and chat in the park!

Let us know how you’re keeping in touch via email to the editor Sue MacDonald, email suzannemacdonald99@gmail.com

We’ve heard from Poetry is Alive, the Speaking French group, and the Art Sketching group, Drawing, Art for Enjoyment, Singing for Fun, Solving Cryptic Crosswords and Creative Writing Group.   Check them out!

Read how Anita Spinks challenged herself to hold Zoom meetings for two of her classes, go to Our Classes (link above)

Keeping Amused :

Cherie has been walking.  She says “I live at Malabar in the Eastern Suburbs.  A pretty little spot on the coast and relatively unknown to most.  I love the many coastal walks that are on offer and enjoy taking pictures while walking.  Here are some pictures of native flowers recently taken on the Headland National Park Walk from Malabar to South Maroubra.” – Cherie Clover


Ketty (Armchair Traveller) was accompanied by this beautiful sunrise on her early morning walk at Wanda on the first day of Winter.


Anne Williams, an Endeavour Committee and Sub Committee member has written to tell us how she kept busy during our isolation period.

Living alone, managing my extra time at home wasn’t as hard for me as some of my working friends who had to adjust to a very different situation from their normal routines. A neighbour found it very difficult as she was so concerned of catching or spreading the virus, it was a huge deal to even go out to buy groceries. Wiping and sanitising everything, car, handles, bags, doors and that was just getting out of the house. Coming home it was again sanitising bags, boxed food, fresh food, bottles, jars, her car, herself and her home. A real nightmare.

For me, there were enough supplies in the cupboards and even the toilet paper was ok. Fresh fruit and veggies were my only trip out required. Being over 70 my daughter was concerned but I reassured her I was fine and didn’t need supplies.

Last Christmas I received a 1000 piece puzzle. The photo was of the Santorini Island in Greece. I had been there in 2018 and thought what a lovely way to indulge myself with memories whilst doing the puzzle. I worked on it first by separating the colours, so much blue! The water, the cupola roofs and the sky used lots of white shades as well. It attracted me almost daily as I had it set on the dining table on a framed cork board with pull out drawers. I nearly went mad with the sky! I also had a project to do on the computer. As part of the Armchair Travellers, I volunteered to present a holiday I had been on last year, it was a Literary Tour of the Deep South of America. Charms and Comforts of the Deep South, from Georgia through to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, ending in New Orleans – over a month. (Fabulous trip and so informative) I read many books before going. So putting the photos and information together in a Keynote setting made me design a suitable presentation and relive the time away and the authors we studied, 17 in all out of around 30 plus from the Southern States.

I had a couple of medical appointments and that was a chance to ‘dress up’ to go out; makeup and lippy, boots and stylish gear etc. I also increased my fishing, I could do that, practicing distancing, on wharfs and groynes in Kogarah Bay, Kurnell and Cooks River. There were some sunny days and it’s always pleasant near the water, then, if you catch bream, flathead or trevalley so much the better!

I read a lot of books and made soups and ate a lot of fish. I managed to tidy a third bedroom which is loosely called a study as the computer resides there and it had gotten out of control with dumped items so I just used to close the door. Thankfully I can now have the door open without embarrassment.

All in all, the only thing I’ve missed is dancing, I’d been doing Ballroom, New Vogue, Latin and Line dance, but of course that couldn’t happen. I had to be happy with long walks. So glad now rules have been relaxed and we can get together once again.   – Anne Williams


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