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Have a look at what is happening in the Endeavour (Southern) region of Sydney U3A, which meets in the St George area and Sutherland Shire !

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News from our Region

At Audley

An important message from
Endeavour Region President,
Ian McLeod:

I make reference to the “Head Office Oct/Nov Website Newsletter” –

https://sydneyu3a.org/ – TAB “News from Central Office”

and in particular the subject covered there (it’s on page 2)

‘Succession Planning”

As there is less than 5% of our total membership who volunteer………….

This subject is very relevant to the current status of the Endeavour Region.

We need member volunteers to give serious due consideration to what they could contribute to the endeavour management team and maintain its inertia going forward.

Due to various reasons (health, seniority, stepping down from long term contributions) our committee has been depleted – down from 15 to 10 members.

We need some new members, with new ideas, who would like to actively contribute to ensure that the Endeavour U3A module will continue on into the future in the same way as it has contributed to the community for the past 30 years, providing the same or better levels of activity for members to participate in.

In particular the positions that are open for discussion are as follows

  • Vice President
  • Assistant Regional Course Coordinator
  • Assistant to the Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • General Committee Members

We would very much appreciate that the membership give some thought to how they could make a contribution. I am sure that all the skills sets are out there.

Please feel free to call me and discuss the options/subject

Ian McLeod
President –U3A Endeavour Region
Ph 0433 587 567

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The last 5th Tuesday Lecture for 2019 29 October was enjoyed by an appreciative audience.

Les Miller and his son arranged to spend some quality time together one March, revisiting Les’s period on Antarctica, and more.   Attendees passed an interesting morning learning further about the splendour of this unique area, a few of the difficulties experienced in getting there and some of the amusing anecdotes.    They joined the Russian ship “Polar Pioneer” at Ushuaia (Argentina) and ran into some very  rough seas before reaching the Antarctic.  For example, Les thought he would be a good sailor, but it was his son who cared for him!  He also had taken a short course in the Russian language which he tried out on the crew, with puzzling results for the crew!

Overall the cruise lasted for 3 weeks and ran for some way along the coast where they were able pinpoint some of the route Sir Ernest Shackleton had taken in 1914.  The return voyage took them across to the tiny island of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.



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OTHER NEWS:   Sydney U3A income is generated primarily from membership. It is essentially the only income available to pay ongoing running and administration expenses.

We ask all leaders/class secretaries to assist by reminding attendees at courses, talks and events that membership cards should be worn and that attendance at classes is only available to financial members of Sydney U3A. Leaders/class secretaries must record membership numbers on the course attendance sheets. Membership cards contain a membership renewal date.

An easy way for members to reduce costs is to choose to receive the course book as an electronic copy rather than a hard copy – call Head Office if you’d like to help in this way.

Currently, 83.9% Endeavour Region membership have advised their email addresses

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Next Committee Meeting

The next U3A Endeavour Region (Southern) committee meeting will be held on:
Friday 6th December 2019 at 10.00am in the Activity Room at Cronulla School of Arts, Cronulla.

All members are welcome to attend.


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