Truth in Poetry and Philosophy

Truth in Poetry and Philosophy

Wednesdays: April 28, May 19; May 26  June 02
4 sessions 10:30 am
Delivered via Zoom

Presenter: Max Deutscher

Lecture notes, relevant poems, and reading material from various poets and philosophers will be distributed a few days before each session.

We shall begin by considering Alain Badiou’s idea of poetry as a truth process. (A summary and commentary on this idea will be circulated for the first session.)

We shall then look at the prose poem Meeting in the Mountains was written in 1959 by Paul Celan [1920-1970] and an essay by Stéphan Mosès on the poem.  Celan, himself a survivor of the Holocaust, wrote a number of poems that are, in effect, a reply to the philosoph;er Theodor Adorno’s enigmatic statement that, After the Holocaust it is barbaric to write poetry.

Celan’s writing permits us to dwell upon ‘that which has happened’ without being drawn into ‘barbarism’ or thinking, in confusion, that ‘any one of us might have become part of it’.

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