NB-Topics of Interest at Newport

Topics of Interest at Newport

Main Hall, Newport Community Centre, 11-13 The Boulevard, Newport
(off Barrenjoey Road)

Come and join a friendly group to experience ten separate presentations by people who are experts in, or have enthusiasm for, their subjects, covering a wide variety of topics from science, history, travel, the arts, social justice and some quirky topics.
First Wednesday and Fourth Tuesday of each month, 1.30-3.30pm (no school holidays)
Bookings not required
Enquiries only: Email Margaret White

Wed 5 February Rosalind Strong Keeping Women out of Prison (KWOOP)
Tues 25 February Patrick Dodd The Norfolk Island Story – From Hell to Paradise
Wed 4 March Kate Woo Reconstructing the Past – What are today’s young
archaeologists working on and where?
Tues 24 March Ian Thompson Discoveries and Inventions that have shaped
our world
Wed 1 April Tom Sweeney Behind the Scenes
Tues 28 April Dr Judy Ford Genetics – Why we Age
Wed 6 May Greg Ross A Voyage to the Arctic
Tues 26 May Leigh Haines So, what is Genealogy?
Wed 3 June Dr Keith Amos The Fenian Convicts in Australia
Tues 23 June David Malone The History of Plastics

Full details can be found on Pages 51 and 52 of the Course Book