GWR Course Book Changes

Greater Western Region Course Book Changes

NB. Vicky Fitzgibbon’s email address in the course book should read –



Gentle Exercise and Yoga – Tuesdays at Toongabbie with Warwick Pitt

Classes will be suspended!

Last day 28/8/19

Resume 15/10/19.


Page32.     Single Session Tuesdays  change to the course description

Tuesday 20/8/19 should read

3. Signs and Symbols:Their History & Significance 

Symbols are a universal language. Their use to portray a message, warning or information is an ancient method of expression, even  pre-dating alphabets.They are increasingly prevalent in today’s society.


GW Region Venue Addresses.

Parramatta: Level 2, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street – adjacent to the railway station. Lift and wheelchair accessible. Enter through’Raffles’ door, left of the library entrance.

Harry Todd Band Hall: Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. Approach from Jubilee Park on Parkes Street.

Guildford: Hewitt House. Corner of Guildford and Byron Roads.

Blacktown: Westpoint. Community Room 4th Floor – up Alpha Street ramp. 4hrs parking with Seniors Card. Wheelchair accessible.

Blacktown City Library: Study Room, Level 1, corner of Alpha Street and Flushcombe Road. Wheelchair accessible.

Toongabbie: St Anthony’s Church Hall. Aurelia Street. Close to the railway station and bus stop. Some parking available.

Private Homes: Please contact Course Leaders for each home address.