GWR Course Book Changes

Greater Western Region Course Book Changes 2020

*People Who Changed the World Late Course book entry 2020 click here People Who Changed the World 2020

*Emerging Science P32 course book


27th March – ‘Tracing the Family Tree of a Galaxy’ : Giulia Santucci.

Testing galaxies’ DNA (chemical compound) in order to find whether galaxies that look similar are related to one another and whether they have formed and evolved in a similar way.


24th April  Smart Engineering and Design Materials for the Future: Scarlet Kong.

This workshop will explore how and why materials behave the way they do, We will investigate how the physical and mechanical properties of materials are linked to their micro-structure and how we can engineer and alter their properties for specific applications. These will include smart materials used in space for biomedical implants. The interactive activities  will include performing mechanical testing on everyday materials, using elasticity for target practice, playing with Shape Memory Alloys and deconstructing computer hard drives (TBC).


8th May – Origins of Life on Earth. Presented by Luke Stellar.


GW Region Venue Addresses.

Parramatta: Level 2, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street – adjacent to the railway station. Lift and wheelchair accessible. Enter through Swinburne University of Technology door, left of the library entrance.

Harry Todd Band Hall: Jubilee Lane, Parramatta. Approach from Jubilee Park on Parkes Street.

Guildford: Hewitt House. Corner of Guildford and Byron Roads.

Blacktown: Westpoint. Community Room 4th Floor – up Alpha Street ramp. 4hrs parking with Seniors Card. Wheelchair accessible.

Blacktown City Library: Study Room, Level 1, corner of Alpha Street and Flushcombe Road. Wheelchair accessible.

Toongabbie: St Anthony’s Church Hall. Aurelia Street. Close to the railway station and bus stop. Some parking available.

Private Homes: Please contact Course Leaders for each home address.