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A Sample Newsletter from the Open Minds Discussion Group
~ Anita Spinks, Open Minds Discussion Group

What is the Future of Cinema?

As is the usual custom of our group meetings, no stone was left unturned. Opinions ranged from the very positive, stating that cinema has been confronted with dire challenges to its viability before and has always come up bigger and brighter to the hopelessly pessimistic, stating that space and infrastructure will have to be sold and debts paid!

One area where there was considerable agreement was the death of the blockbuster:

Group members made suggestions such as shorter films, limited series and productions using CGI to be screened in smaller premises and on streaming services such as Netflix. Other ideas included:
• Multi-use stadiums utilising seating for film, plays, sporting events, virtual reality and more
• Expansion of the ‘drive-in’ of yesteryear to suit today’s challenges
• Greater use of merchandising to turn a profit
• Smaller audiences should the pandemic last indefinitely
• Film-going run by subscription following the custom of other performance based organisations.

One area with a significant difference of opinion was the price of ticketing. Most were of the opinion that ticket prices were too high for all except senior, loyalty card members. Mine was the lone voice saying that the cost of entry when averaged, barely covered costs.

A final comment made in parting : The cinema industry is not the Salvation Army. This is a business aimed to generate profits. In doing this, people are employed, technology bought or leased and rental paid.

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