From Our Members

We’ve Been Everywhere

Mary Small,  Armchair Travellers

Armchair Travellers is one of our most popular classes in the Endeavour Region with over 30 members keen to share their travel experiences along with photographs on the wide screen in the Cronulla School of Arts building.

This idea developed during 2007 when five of our U3A members myself included, realised that there was great potential for members to share travel stories and photographs. This new class first emerged at the Sutherland Uniting Services Club. In mid July I spoke about travelling on ships and Gwen Nay showed slides of herself and her family travelling the memorable Silk Road.

At the next session, Eleanor Leach shared her memories of growing up in Africa. By December our class had then travelled to a variety of locations, Beijing, Christmas Island, the Kimberley, the UK, South America and Vietnam.

By February 2008 Armchair Travellers was comfortably installed in Cronulla and since then we have been almost everywhere.  Places ranging from swimming with whales in Tonga, up to the dizzy heights of Machu Picchu and way down south to meet the penguins and seals in the Antarctic. At interval there’s the opportunity for a cuppa with friends to chat and reference our shared experiences.

We are just so fortunate to have members not to just sit and listen to a class leader, but keen to be placed on the fortnightly list to remember and share.

In 1959, Australian country singer Geoff Mack wrote, “I’ve Been Everywhere” and we can boast the same!