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The course book for Sydney U3A is available on the sidebar of the home page of the Sydney U3A website. The Endeavour (Southern) region courses for 2019 will also be found on the sidebar of Endeavour’s main page. If you are not already a member of U3A, you may obtain a hard copy of the course book by joining Sydney U3A. Forms are available on the home page of the Sydney U3A website or by contacting the Sydney U3A office.

U3A Endeavour Region has many and varied courses to offer its members. Languages, films, food for the brain and the soul, history of all sorts, arts, drawing and sketching, various approaches to music and film, and groups for discussion, about books, travel, lunching, science, general knowledge and for walking.

During the year we have periodic 5th Tuesday lectures on something interesting to which the public and all U3A members are welcome. As well, there’s the wonderful fringe benefit of fun and friends to be experienced.

Have a look in our Course booklet that comes every Semester to see what you might enjoy. If your chosen course is full, ask if you can go along for a visit or two to see what it’s about, see if you can go on a waiting list. Maybe you could become a course leader.

There’s also something called “Events for All” offering lectures, holidays, tours and outings. Check them out at the front of your Course booklet.

Scroll down for a brief summary of some new courses in 2019 and the new programme for Sam Adams’ Explorations in Music 2019 (1st Semester).  The new Course booklet will be available mid-January 2019.

1st SEMESTER 2019

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilisations and Empires.  Course No. 191EW01.

(previously U3A Ancient History group) – Each week of school term – Tuesdays between 10am – 12 noon in meeting rooms at Miranda.

To give us more scope for further study of world history, moving on from past study of civilisations based around the Mediterranean, our group has changed our course title for the course book due out from 15th June 2019 as above.

Course Location:   New location – Crossroads Community Centre, Miranda in their new rooms on the corner of Kiora Road and Kiora Lane, Miranda.  The previous tenant was St George Bank.   Entrance is from Kiora Lane.  There will be a closed sign on the door (for security) but ring bell to gain entry and staff will let you in.  Parking available in nearby Westfield Miranda Shopping Centre or access by train to Miranda Station and short walk to Kiora Lane.”

Our course description is now:

In depth study of the rise and fall of civilisations and empires from ancient to modern times by way of reading, discussion and TV documentary (when available).  Class members are invited to suggest topics and otherwise contribute to the group if they wish to do so.”

Gems of the Silver Screen


We regret that course leader Brian Harvey advised the members attending the movie presentation on 5 February, that he would not be continuing with the course and that last Tuesday was the final presentation. Brian advises that he has conducted the course for the past 14 years and for several reasons is unable to continue. This is a very unfortunate situation and the members of the regional committee wish to record our sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful contribution Brian has made over the many years in providing this regular source of joy and  entertainment to hundreds of our members.

The committee will continue to seek out another leader who may be prepared to take  Brian’s place in continuing his work in movie presentation. Should you feel you would like to take over Brian’s role  please contact Endeavour regional coordinator as follows:

Ted Watson on 9527 3689 or email ej.watson@optusnet.com.au.

Course Book Amendments, Updates and Announcements

  • Creative Writing‘ leader Ann O’Connor advises her number is  0424 968 380.  
  • Beginners Italian’ language course not proceeding.
  • New ‘French for Beginners’ language course to be added to course list, semester 1.2019.

Course Leader Allanah Jarman advises that due to lack of interest in her Beginners Italian language course for this coming semester will not proceed in semester 1.2019.

However Allanah is prepared to run a French for Beginners course if she receives sufficient interest. There is a current waiting list in Joan Craven’s Beginners Speaking French course and if Allanah receives sufficient interest in her new proposed course, it will proceed. Course details are as follows:

FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS **(15)                                  191EC03

This course is for those members who are beginners in speaking the French language. Each Tuesday from 5 Feb 2:00 – 3:30 at Cronulla School of Arts Activity Room – see page 24 of Endeavour (Southern) Course Book semester 1.2019

If interested,  please contact Allanah immediately, email preferred. Leader and bookings: Allanah Jarman  allanahjjarman@gmail.com      0497 963 231


Please note that this course will be commencing on 21 February not 14 February 2019 as shown in the Course Book.

SING FOR JOY, SING FOR LIFE! (page 26)  191EC19

Leader Henry Collins is unable to continue with this course, as arranged and noted in the Course Book.

The new leaders will be Anita Spinks – 0423 532 582 – anitaspinks@live.com.au and Barbara Adams – 0438 299 108 – beejaya@outlook.com

The venue will change from the Cronulla School of Arts Theatrette(as shown in the Course Book) to the Cronulla School of Arts Activity Room, which was the venue last semester. Day and time – as shown in the Course Book. Please contact either Anita or Barbara for queries.


This was a new course arranged for semester 1.2019 to assist with public speaking and presentation skills. It was hoped that prospective U3A leaders and new courses may be found through this course. Unfortunately the proposed leader and facilitator of the course, Henry Collins, is not now available and the course will therefore not proceed.

Should you be interested in conducting a course within U3A and would like to discuss the matter further, please contact Regional Coordinator Ted Watson on 9527 3689 or email ej.watson@optusnet.com.au.


Brian Harvey has given many years of service in leading and presenting the movies for the Gems of the Silver Screen course, and his action has brought joy and entertainment to many hundreds of our members. Unfortunately, due to illness, there has been some loss in administrative support to Brian. Without this long-term backup, he is finding it difficult to continue. He needs some secretarial support and someone who is experienced in operating the facilities at the Cronulla School of Arts and who can provide back up occasionally.

If you would like this course to continue, and feel you can assist Brian to maintain the continuing presentation of the movies, please ring him now on 9521 5822. Obviously it would be fitting if the support was to come from within those members who have enjoyed this course for a considerable time.

Explorations in Music – 1st Semester 2019MC900431531[1]

Explorations in Music is held from 1.00 p.m – 3.00 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the upstairs theatrette of the Cronulla Arts Theatre. *Note that there will be no classes held during school holidays.

The program for First Semester follows:

13 February 2019 Australian (Male) Composers
27 February 2019 Music from the ‘USA’, Part 1
13 March 2019 Music from the ‘USA’, Part 2
27 March 2019 Rotearoa – The Land of the Long White Cloud
10 April 2019 Gallipoli Symphony (DVD) plus the Glass Soldier (CD)
8 May 2019 A John Rutter Collection
12 June 2019 Silk Road Journeys, Part 3
26 June 2019 Ralph Vaughan Williams , Part 2

Manifesto of Explorations in Music

I am not here to teach you music. I am here to expand your musical appreciation by leading you through and exposing you to as many kinds of musical styles from as many sources and eras as I can.

I don’t want you to learn the notes but I do want you to feel the music. I would like you to absorb the sounds you hear as a sponge would absorb water. I would like your soul to be infused, filled and inspired by what you hear.

Some of the things I would like you to find as you listen to the music are: drama, romance, anger or irritation, beauty, hope, joy, serenity and a feeling for and an understanding of the magic of music.

Sam Adams

The following new courses will be available during Semester 1, 2019 :

Added to her present course presentation, a new series entitled “Comic Opera“, by Jean Singleton-Turner

Great Foreign Movies“, a continuation of Robert Englund‘s movie theme.

Another Cryptic Crossword course from Rosemary De Gabriele – “Solving Cryptic Crosswords – A beginner’s Course

Grandparents Share Fun Ideas“, a novel course from Jill McLelland and Anita Spinks

Be sure to read carefully through the new Course booklet, in case any changes/additions have been missed here.

Aspects of Australian History‘  Special thanks to Barry and Lorraine Hughes and Beryl Davis, who are all retiring as leaders from this course, after many years of wonderful service to U3A.  Mary Small and Margaret Durie will be the new leaders.

Discussion Group‘  leader Berry Buchanan  is retiring as leader after 23 years of unremitting commitment to this course.  She will continue as a member, with Denis Paulin as leader.

Course Amendments from 2018

Walking Around Sydney (182EX03) is unable to accept any more new members until further notice.  Please delete the two telephone numbers given, and use the email address for enquiries.


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