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The course book for Sydney U3A is available on the sidebar of the home page of the Sydney U3A website. The Endeavour (Southern) region courses for 2020 will also be found on the sidebar of Endeavour’s main page shortly. If you are not already a member of U3A, you may obtain a hard copy of the course book by joining Sydney U3A. Forms are available on the home page of the Sydney U3A website or by contacting the Sydney U3A office.

U3A Endeavour Region has many and varied courses to offer its members. Languages, films, food for the brain and the soul, history of all sorts, arts, drawing and sketching, various approaches to music and film, and groups for discussion, about books, travel, lunching, science, general knowledge and for walking.

During the year we have periodic 5th Tuesday lectures on something interesting to which the public and all U3A members are welcome. As well, there’s the wonderful fringe benefit of fun and friends to be experienced.

Have a look in our Course booklet that comes every Semester to see what you might enjoy. If your chosen course is full, ask if you can go along for a visit or two to see what it’s about, see if you can go on a waiting list. Maybe you could become a course leader. Should you be interested in conducting a course within U3A and would like to discuss the matter further, please contact President Ian on 

There’s also something called “Events for All” offering lectures, holidays, tours and outings. Check them out at the front of your Course booklet.

A word from our Committee

Hygiene practices during the current epidemic 

The committee of U3A Endeavour request that the following measures be adopted immediately:

Each attendee bring their own hand cleansers/soap AND towel to their courses. It is not recommended that soaps and towels supplied in the public toilets be used.

Morning/afternoon teas:  Communal cups/coffee mugs should no longer be used. Participants should bring along their OWN cup and small tea towel and be responsible for washing same.
One individual should NOT handle cups that have been used by others.

Brought ‘Takeaway’ coffee to the venue?
Please dispense with the cup yourself.  Do not expect someone else to handle it.

Thanking you for your co-operation

Click here for Sydney U3A Coronavirus policy message SydU3A_Covid-19_Coronavirus_Procedures_D2

1st SEMESTER 2020

A great start for 2020!

In November 2019 the projector in the Cronulla School of Arts theatre died.  It was really too old to repair and replacement was very expensive. Cronulla School Of Arts applied for a grant from Scott Morrison which was approved one week before Christmas break though for much less than had been applied for. However it enabled SOA, supplementing with their own funds, to go big and go forward by replacing the old style screen and projector with an LG 5K UHD television.


Today this was installed in the theatre – see the pictures below.  Part of the setup includes an incredible sound system, blue-Ray DVD, PC, laptop and camera connectivity.  The screen with thousands of pixels is crystal clear with full house lights on.
A wonderful facility currently being used by U3A.


Our groups will be using this starting next week, with Armchair Travellers, Ballet, Opera, History of Art,  Aspects of History and At the Movies, Dirk Bogarde.  Watch this space for updates!  –  Margaret Durie



Explorations in Music – 1st Semester 2020MC900431531[1]

Explorations in Music is held from 1.00 p.m – 3.00 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the upstairs theatrette of the Cronulla Arts Theatre. *Note that there will be no classes held during school holidays.  A handout about the music is given  for each meeting.

This May 2020 there will be no meetings as Sam will be on holiday.

The program for First Semester follows:

12 February 2020 Percy Grainger
26 February 2020 Medieval Magic
11 March 2020 Cyril Scott
25 March 2020 Janis Ivanovs
8 April 2020 Australian Composers
22 April 2020 No meeting due to holiday
13 May 2020 ”         ”                       “
27 May 2020 ”         ”                       “
10 June 2020 John Field
24 June 2020 Erno Von Dohnanyi

Manifesto of Explorations in Music

I am not here to teach you music. I am here to expand your musical appreciation by leading you through and exposing you to as many kinds of musical styles from as many sources and eras as I can.

I don’t want you to learn the notes but I do want you to feel the music. I would like you to absorb the sounds you hear as a sponge would absorb water. I would like your soul to be infused, filled and inspired by what you hear.

Some of the things I would like you to find as you listen to the music are: drama, romance, anger or irritation, beauty, hope, joy, serenity and a feeling for and an understanding of the magic of music.

Sam Adams (Leader)
Trevor Campbell, bookings 9525 6970 (Secretary)

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