Eastern Region – Course Changes


Eastern Region – Talks Locations and Times

All talks and presentations are given on Mondays and Fridays in the theatrette of Waverley Library in Denison Street, Bondi Junction between 10.30 am and 12.20 pm.  Free 2 hour parking is available in the basement of the Library.


Language courses, current affairs, film discussion and book groups take place at a variety of locations and times.  For details read the Course Book, which is available on our page (top left-hand ‘box’) of the Sydney U3A website and in the hard copy posted to members.

Please note that there have been two changes to the talks shown in the Course Book, arising from the unavailability of Nitza’s presentation on “The Health Revolution in the Internet/Digital Age’ on Monday 18 May.

The talk on ‘Good News Stories on Conserving NSW Trees’ by Stuart Read will now be given on Monday 18 May, not on Friday 1 May.

In its place, on 1 May, Trevor King will give a presentation on ‘Designing (hospitals) for Recovery, based on using familiar colours, textures and materials common to the hospital’s regional landscape, not on bland modernist whites and greys.

There will also be a temporary change of venue for the two French groups which meet at the E J Ward Centre in Paddington. As the latter will be closed for renovations from 1 April to 30 June, the groups will be able to meet at the Gaden Centre in Woollahra, thanks to the kind cooperation of the Holdsworth Community Centre.

Also, the new philosophical course on ‘Reclaiming Wonder’ to be given by Max Deutscher, initially at the Ward Centre, will also be given at the Gaden Centre during those months.