Course Book 2022

The Sydney U3A Semester 2 Course Book 2022


Click on the image to see the course book, as a flip book.  Use the left and right arrows to turn the pages.   

It is also available for you to download and print from the Course Book button on this page and Home page of this website.


  • To see the course book full screen, click or tap on the dotted square icon at the bottom right of the displayed book
  • Press the Esc button to go back to the smaller display

Search tips:

  • On your PC, press CTRL+F;  on a Mac, press Command+F
  • In the dialog box which pops up, type your keyword – region, topic, venue etc
  • The cursor skips to the first instance of that keyword;  use the arrows in the box to go to the next instance of the keyword
  • On an iPad, type your search word into the search/navigation bar. Scroll down the list of possibility until you find “On this page”. Tap to find the word on the page

If, as requested, you have indicated your preference for a printed copy at an additional cost of $10p.a. (paid when you renew membership), it has been mailed to you directly from the printers.