Sydney U3A Online Booking Overview

Sydney U3A  – 2020 Zoom Course Booking Overview

Sydney U3A uses MyU3A as its computer system to record membership information.

  • New members can use MyU3A via the internet to join Sydney U3A.
  • Existing members can use MyU3A to renew their membership or update their details.
  • MyU3A also includes a course booking system. This is operating successfully in over twenty U3As in Australia.

In Semester 1, 2020 Sydney U3A started a pilot scheme using MyU3A for bookings of selected courses. We were in the process of extending this to Semester 2 when COVID-19 struck.

Several regions are very actively offering courses via the popular Zoom remote conferencing software.  Given the possible numbers of members booking for Zoom courses, it was agreed that all bookings should be via MyU3A.

For security reasons, logon details of the Zoom meetings will not be included in electronic newsletters.  Members who have enrolled in Zoom based courses via MyU3A will receive an email from the site with the logon details at least two hours before the meeting.

Login to Booking System

Booking via MyU3A is simple and very straightforward. It starts at your normal login.

  • Click -> Member Login to go to the login page on MyU3A.
  • Enter your Member ID and Password, then click on Log In
  • The Membership Status 2020 page opens.
    Click on the Classes 2020 button near the bottom of the page.
  • The Class Status 2020 Page opens
    Optionally select the Day(s) and/or am/pm,
    then click Classes 2020 at the bottom of the page
  • The All Classes 2020 page opens
    Choose your desired courses.

MyU3A Booking Help

Need help? Click -> Course Booking Guide to open a PDF guide for the MyU3A booking system.

Getting Started with Sydney U3A Zoom Sessions

Need help? Click -> Zoom User Guide to open an online guide for participating in Sydney U3A Zoom sessions.