New Courses in Semester 2

New Courses in Semester 2 –

For Semester 2, Endeavour has 44 classes available.  We are excited that two of these are new classes – Japanese Language and Sydney’s 19th Century buildings.

Japanese Language

An introductory course of Japanese language and culture covering a variety of topics. Focusing on listening, speaking and reading, classwork is interactive and collaborative, aiming to promote confidence in all skills areas. Writing is an option available to interested participants.

Sydney’s 19th Century Buildings

Become acquainted with Sydney’s sandstone government buildings and its many department stores whose journey began as tiny shops or just a basket.  Classic architecture and quality goods were all important to developing this city.

We are always on the lookout for new courses and new leaders.  If you have a skill or a learning that you would like to share with Endeavour members, we would love to hear from you.