Course Booking Pilot

2019 Course Booking Pilot

Sydney U3A currently uses the online membership joining and renewals component of the MyU3A system. Another component is its online course booking system which is operating successfully in over twenty U3As in Australia. It has been agreed that Sydney U3A should undertake a pilot scheme for online bookings during Semester 2, 2019.

The selected courses are:

  • Events tour of St. Mary’s Cathedral led by David Wardle – two tour dates – page 6 of the Semester 2 course book.
  • Endeavour Region – Three courses: Cryptic Crosswords (p25) and Brain Games (p26) at Cronulla and Discussion Group at South Hurstville (p28).
  • Harbourside North Region – Castle Cove Retirement Village – Barbara Boston – 12 courses pages 34-35.

We encourage members to book these events/courses online as part of our pilot project. Online booking is simple and very straightforward starting at your normal login. Should it be needed there is a detailed guide for members.

Member Login                       Course Booking Guide

Hint 1: MyU3A works with courses/classes which are identified by Course Number – Class Number. For example 10-01. This is initially confusing in the Course/class list being displayed for online booking which looks similar to this:

       3-01 2019 Tue
6/8-13/8 ….

The “3-01” represents course/class number, “2019” is the year for the course/class, “Tue” is the day (in green) and “6/8‑13/8” represents the dates in August for the course/class. The “3‑01 2019” does NOT mean 3 Jan 2019.