Are you thinking about your approaching retirement?

When you are coming to the end of your working life, what do you think about your approaching retirement?


There comes a time in your life when all of a sudden you may realise that despite your best intentions, it may not be possible to continue working as long as you like. Perhaps you work for an organisation that has a mandatory retirement age, or you have family commitments that mean you may need to give up work.

In other instances, health and mobility issues may have brought forward the decision to retire from full-time work, resulting in a part-time commitment that has left a void in your day.

Others look forward to their approaching retirement to satisfy their ambitions for sporting activities, expanding their knowledge horizons, spending more time with children and grandchildren or may just want to travel more.

Perhaps less common is wondering how your social life may change, particularly when work and social events have previously intertwined. In many cases, a person’s long-term work environment has become socially important, providing that all-important human connectivity.

Continued personal fulfilment

Regardless of how you think about retirement, the chances are it will sneak up on you and you realise you need to give more thought to what many call the best years of their life.

You may be someone who has led fulfilling years in employment and perhaps have always yearned to take on other interests. Retirement opens the door to new opportunities to continue studies in different topics. It may also be the catalyst to explore other avenues for personal satisfaction that were not open because of  employment and family-related commitments.

The health benefits of remaining intellectually, socially and  physically engaged and active are all well documented. Others have reported gaining more meaning in their lives after retirement by joining groups where friendly people share common interests.

 Plenty of opportunities

Fortunately, there are many ways to pursue your interests and make new friends, while building new, meaningful relationships. Approaching retirement does not mean the end of social interaction as you exit the workforce.

For example, Sydney u3a conducts hundreds of courses, zoom presentations and activities designed to satisfy every need, right across the Sydney metropolitan region. Joining Sydney u3a is affordable and flexible. As a member you may attend any of the courses regardless of where you are.

Flexible times and locations

There are courses conducted most days of the week at different times that may be convenient for you. These are usually located closer to public transport and vehicle access. Regardless of your interests, whether they be language, philosophy, films, books, science, technology, art or music, Sydney u3a offers activities to appeal to everyone.

For those who are facing their approaching retirement and realise they need stimulating intellectual and social activities, Sydney u3a represents an amazing range of interesting activities.

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