Inner West

Welcome to Inner West Region

U3A Inner West is fortunate to have access to many excellent venues in the Sydney CBD, and westward to the municipalities of Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Burwood, Canada Bay,  Canterbury, Leichhardt, and Marrickville

Inner West Courses

Information on our many interesting courses are on the Inner West Courses page

Inner West Venues

Inner West Venues are listed on the Inner West Courses page

Details of each venue, including the address and access information, are in the Course Book and the Inner West Course List.

Course Book Corrections

From time time the details of courses, leaders or booking secretaries change after the Course Book is sent to the printer. Below are updates to the Inner West section of the Course Book for Semester 1, 2017

The Inner West Region of Sydney U3A regrets any inconvenience.

Course 171WX02 – Sydney Discoveries

The Bookings Secretary for this course has changed.
For bookings please email Beatrice Scheepers on
Note: Sydney Discoveries will be taking a break in Semester 2, 2017

Course 171WP01 – Film Discussion Group

The Leader of this group has changed
The new Leader is Robyn Deane, 0402 258 996,

Course 171WN01 – Take Me To The Opera

Inner West Region of Sydney U3A regrets that for unavoidable reasons it has been necessary to discontinue this excellent course.

Course 171WP02 – Australian Perspectives

The dates and times for the sessions in this course have changed. The correct details are:

AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVES**(25)                 INDEX: SOCIOLOGY                     171WP01
This is an informal discussion group during which the guest speaker introduces us to their varied ethnic, cultural and historical experiences. (4 sessions)

Third Thursday of each month from 16 Feb (excluding school holidays) 14:00 – 16:00
Leader and bookings: Joy Pegler 9771 6185


16 Feb: An Insight into Life on Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands
In this talk we will get an insight into life on an isolated Pacific Island

Speaker: Joy Pegler  

16 Mar: An Insight into Japanese Culture
In this talk we will get an insight into Japanese culture: its food, language, tradition, religion (Shinto and Buddhism), and also how parents treat their children.

Speaker: Takiko Yalichev  

18 May: Experiences of a Migrant from Sri Lanka
June migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka 50 years ago. She was born in the hill country near Kandi but lived most of her life on the coast at Galle.  She will explain what it was like then in a country that had been colonised over many centuries firstly by the Portuguese, then the Dutch & finally the British.

Speaker: June Colin-Thome

15 June: Experiences as a Volunteer in the SES
Speaker: Iain Findlay

Course 171WH01 – Stanmore Book Club

For bookings please contract Bernice Lee on 0412 969 440

Course 171WW02 – Putting Creative Fun Into Everyday Thinking

The phone number for bookings in the Course Book was incorrect. For bookings please phone David Synnott on 02 9417 6559 or email him on

“Out There”

Coordinator Bobbie Kersten organises “Out There” events, many of which have multiple sessions, to take members to the delights of Sydney and beyond.

“Out There” events in Semester 1, 2015 are:

  • My Favourite Ethnic Eating Place
  • Sydney Discoveries
  • Fourth Tuesday Lunch Group
  • Visiting Regional Galleries
  • Bushwalks with a Touch of History

Details of upcoming “Out There” events are in the Course Book


Bobbie Kersten organises several bushwalks per year.

  • Upcoming bushwalks are briefly listed on the Bushwalks page.
    Full details are in the current Course Book
  • A report of the most recent bushwalk is found on the Bushwalks page.
  • Reports of previous bushwalks are found on the Bushwalks Archives page.