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Welcome to Inner West Region

U3A Inner West is fortunate to have access to many excellent venues in the Sydney CBD, and westward to the municipalities of Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Burwood, Canada Bay,  Canterbury, Leichhardt, and Marrickville

Inner West Courses

Information on our many interesting courses are on the Inner West Courses page

Inner West Venues

Inner West Venues are listed on the Inner West Courses page

Details of each venue, including the address and access information, are in the Course Book and the Inner West Course List.


Inner West region of Sydney U3A are delighted to announce a wonderful new course

Science has been very productive in answering or reformulating many of the Big Questions, but have the philosophers been listening? This series will investigate topics such as: Where did the universe come from, and what is its ultimate fate? Do we have freewill, or is everything predetermined? Does science support a humanist viewpoint?
6 sessions Each Friday from 6 Oct 1:30 – 3:30

22 Church St, Burwood.

Leader and bookings: Ian Bryce 0408 177 007

Ukulele Group: Starts October 5

Thank you to all the members who replied to the “expressions of interest” to attend a Ukulele class at the Benledi Room at Glebe Library. The address is the 186 Glebe Point Road, on the corner of Glebe Point Road and Wigram Road.

We are delighted to announce that the class will run on alternate Thursdays, 2.30 – 3.30pm commencing October 5. The room is booked from 2pm, so on the first day, it would be great if you could arrive well before 2.30pm so attendance forms can be filled in. Please bring your U3A member card with you.

Jen Lowe the instructor is looking forward to meeting everyone and has asked you to bring, your ukulele, a clip on digital tuner (for easy tuning) and a plastic loose leaf A4 folder for storage of music sheets and handouts. Don’t worry if you don’t have the tuner or folder the first day. There will nominal charges, usually about $1, to cover the cost of photocopies.

Some of us are complete beginners but for those of you who have played before, please bring along your music etc .

If you have any questions, please contact Pauline Valentine at or 0412 595 891.

Hoping to see you on October 5.

Pauline Valentine
Glebe Venue Coordinator

Course Book Corrections

From time time the details of courses, leaders or booking secretaries change after the Course Book is sent to the printer. Below are updates to the Inner West section of the Course Book for Semester 2, 2017

The Inner West Region of Sydney U3A regrets any inconvenience.

Course 172W – Principles of Art Design

The course details in the Course Book are incorrect.
The correct details are:

Do you wonder why some things look beautiful or evocative? Do you want to try your hand at art? Explore how different lines, shapes, colours and compositions suggest different moods as you create some basic art works. (8 sessions)

Each Monday from 17 Jul to 4 Sep 13:00 – 15:30
Leader and bookings: Lerle Craig 9648 0802

Course 172WL11 – Italian Beginners – 2

The start date and contact phone number in the Course Book are incorrect.
The correct details are:

We assume a degree of basic knowledge, around 40-60 hours of instruction. We will continue using the same textbook Buongiorno Italia, supplemented by online exercises.

Each Friday from 4 Aug 1:30 – 3:30
Leader and bookings: Pia Ottavian 0424 738 824

“Out There”

Coordinator Bobbie Kersten organises “Out There” events, many of which have multiple sessions, to take members to the delights of Sydney and beyond.

“Out There” events in Semester 1, 2015 are:

  • My Favourite Ethnic Eating Place
  • Sydney Discoveries
  • Fourth Tuesday Lunch Group
  • Visiting Regional Galleries
  • Bushwalks with a Touch of History

Details of upcoming “Out There” events are in the Course Book


Bobbie Kersten organises several bushwalks per year.

  • Upcoming bushwalks are briefly listed on the Bushwalks page.
    Full details are in the current Course Book
  • A report of the most recent bushwalk is found on the Bushwalks page.
  • Reports of previous bushwalks are found on the Bushwalks Archives page.