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December Yellow Page

1 December 2017

  1. Course Book for semester 1.2018 – The Course Book is now with the printer and no further amendments are allowed.
  2. Any changes/amendments to the details of any courses will be advise to the members by email and minutes in January 2018, after the Course Book is received by the members.
    All leaders are required to check their course details when they receive the Course Book for semester 1.2018 and advise Ted Watson of any changes.
  3. Included in the new U3A rules and guidelines is a requirement that only financial members of Sydney U3A are permitted to act as booking secretaries. Leaders are responsible for ensuring that this rule is strictly applied.
    Just a reminder that in terms of U3A policy no bookings can be arranged for any courses, old or new, until the semester 1.2018 Course Book is received by all members. There are no exceptions.
  4. New courses and a couple of old courses with new leaders are listed below.
    20th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURERS, EXPLORERS AND AERONAUTS – 181EC09 – Leader Chris Beazley (5 sessions).
    POETRY FOR PLEASURE………………………………..181EC011 – revamped with new leader Liz Peters
    HUMPHREY BOGART – HIS LIFE AND FILMS…….181EC18 – leader Robert Englund
    OPEN MINDS – DISCUSSION GROUP……………… 181EC08 – leader Henry Collins
    COME, SHARE A BOOK!**(10)…………………………..181EC20 – leader Mary Small
    CREATIVE WRITING……………………………………….. 181EG01 – new leader Anne O’Connor
    INTERESTING ISSUES AROUND SCIENCE………..181EH04 (Gymea)**(30) 3 new science subjects.
  5. Committee member changes:
    Welcome to new committee member Jack Bell and thanks and farewell to Thelma King for a wonderful contribution as Secretary and Committee Member over many years.
    Bronwyn Haddock is retiring from Web Editor and position is to be taken over by Sue MacDonald. We extend our sincere thanks to Bronwyn for her wonderful contribution over the last 4 years and welcome Sue MacDonald to this very important position.
  6. We are planning a Showcase of courses and an acknowledgment of our leaders’ contribution and a welcome to new members in May 2018, with an afternoon tea in the Cronulla Community Centre
    Further outreach activities will be undertaken during Semester 1.2018 in conjunction with Shire Council seminars on Ageing and Volunteers.
  7. It would appear that the data provided by head office on overdue membership subscriptions is incorrect. Further checking is required.

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