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1 September 2017

  1. Leaders Course Information letters for semester 1/2018 will be forwarded (by mail or email) during late September/early October for compilation of Course Book. Submission of our regional Course Book is to be with Head Office editors by 31 October 2017.  Course leaders are asked to attend to these letters promptly so that the Course Book can be prepared in time for the new semester.  Any member wishing to run a new course in semester 1.2018 should contact the Course Co-Ordinator, Ted Watson, email watson@optusnet.com.au
  2. Course Leader Sharon Feltham would like to advertise that her course “Crime Literature” has vacancies, so anyone wishing to join should contact her on 9575 7096. The course is held on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Sutherland Library from 10am – 12.00.
  3. Leaders of other Courses who have vacancies for additional members should contact Course Co-ordinator Ted Watson so this situation can be advertised through our monthly minutes or via our membership email.
  4. All members are being urged by U3A Head Office to bring their own cup/mug to classes for morning/afternoon tea in order to reduce the use of disposables and avoid waste.
  5. The final 5th Tuesday Lecture, The Times They Were a’Changin” by Liz Peters, will be held on 31 October 2017 at 10.15am for a 10.30 start, at Club on East, East Parade, Sutherland. This should be a great finale to our 2017 programme so please keep the date in your diaries.
  6. Web Editor (Bronwyn Haddock)
    I will be updating the website next in early September.  There will be new reports for Reports from our Courses as well as an article on the 5th Tuesday lecture Animal Watcher.  It was a fabulous talk.
    Note to all Members: As Bronwyn will be standing down as Web Editor at the Annual General Meeting we will be looking for a replacement.  Any member who is interested in taking on this position may contact a member of the committee to register their interest. Applications will be very welcome.
  7. The date of the Sydney U3A 30th Anniversary celebrations, to be held in Seniors’ Week at Sydney University, has been changed to 7th April 2018. We are all asked to keep this date in mind.
  8. The issue of using members’ personal computers for presentations was discussed.  It was agreed that a preferred option was for us to purchase our own regional laptop. Alternatively, should any member have an old laptop that is no longer in use, they may care to donate it to our region.  Please contact Ted Watson on 9527 3689.
  9. The next U3A Endeavour Region (Southern) committee meeting will be held on Friday 6 October 2017 at 10.00am in the activity room at Cronulla School of Arts, Cronulla.  All members are welcome to attend.

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