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News from our Region

Last update, we farewelled a dedicated member of our Endeavour U3A region, Dorothy Clarke. This month we say goodbye to another U3A volunteer who also dedicated himself to U3A in a variety of roles – Mike Goodwin. Mike was a member of the Greater Western region so you may not know him but everyone in our region has benefited from his tireless work as Sydney U3A Vice-President Public Relations. This is why I am including on our home page an edited version of Sue Brennan’s eulogy to him. Thanks Mike for your endless energy and enthusiasm and the support you gave to Margaret Kingston and me in our marketing and website work.

I am also including a report on our last Fifth Tuesday lecture which was a resounding success. A special thanks to our speaker, Craig and Marilyn Witherington.

Visit to the Western Front

 On Tuesday an audience filled the room to listen to Craig Witherington, assisted by his wife Marilyn, tell of their experiences in visiting the places of relevance on the Western Front where their grandfathers had fought in WW1. And what an informative, well researched and interesting talk it was!
As Craig explained, like most men returning from war, their grandparents spoke very little of their experiences. So with limited family history, Craig and Marilyn set out in 2016 to follow in the footsteps of their grandfathers.
Arriving on ANZAC Day, Craig’s first slide showed the Champs-Elysees, Paris, where every light pole displayed an Australian flag as an annual recognition of Australia’s participation in the two World Wars -a wonderful introduction to the talk.
With the use of maps and photos, Craig then gave us a brief history of the reasons behind the war, the participants and the battles, with an emphasis on the Western Front. It was with the British call for volunteers that Craig and Marilyn’s grandparents had left their families and joined up to fight. We were introduced to these grandparents and given a brief look into their lives before, during and after the war.
Through a series of slides beginning with the Somme battlefields, where 1,200,000 lives were lost, we visited museums, monuments, trenches and gravesites. We saw the underground tunnels built by miners and others which were occupied by up to 20 000 soldiers and which allowed the troops to advance on their enemies and gain some ground. We were shown postcards their grandparents had sent to the family back home, including one with a photo of a local school. Craig and Marilyn visited this school where little had changed (although there was no longer a wall dividing the boys from the girls). We travelled to Belgium to visit the battlefields there before returning to France and visiting Villers-Bretonneux where the annual ANZAC dawn ceremony is held and televised in Australia.
While 3 700 000 lives were lost in this terrible war, there was a recognition of those who were injured, not only physically but also emotionally. ‘Shellshock’, as it was called then was a recognised medical condition in 1916 and one of the grandparents had been sent home because of this. An audience member also reminded us of the effect on the families of those who returned with emotional scars.
Thank you to both Marilyn and Craig for allowing us to participate in your travel and for the immense amount of research you undertook to present this to us. You inspired many of us to take our own research into our family’s war history


Farewell to Mike Goodwin

We often call on our members to volunteer their talents to Sydney U3A and our local region Endeavour. Over the years, many have responded to our call. However, there cannot be many members who responded as energetically as Mike Goodwin of Greater Western Region. We in Endeavour also benefited from his seemingly endless energy in his public relationships role with Sydney U3A, both directly and indirectly. I feel it is therefore appropriate that we remember Mike on our website this month.

Edited version of Sue Brennan’s eulogy
Mike Goodwin

The University of the Third Age is an organisation started in France in the 70’s by academics who wanted to give back to the community. It is run by volunteers. The Sydney U3A branch, now in operation for over 25 years, has 7 regions with a current membership of over 6500.
Mike Goodwin joined Sydney U3A in late 2006 and was a member of the Greater Western Region. In the 10 years that he belonged to U3A, he committed himself to the organisation in many capacities.
He began presenting courses in February 2007, commencing with International Shipping & Trade and In Olde England. In 2008, his courses were Australian Relationships with Our Near-Australian Neighbours, Australian History – Bushrangers and Music Kaleidoscope. In 2009 he set up an Australian History group in Blacktown. The group continues to meet and, after a class meeting last Thursday, decided unanimously to continue as a tribute to Mike. 2010 saw him add a British monarchy series, The House of Hanover, and 2 discussion groups. He also held a World History class that, like his Australian history group, continues to this day.
As if his work as a regional presenter was not enough, Mike became a member of the Greater Western Committee in 2008 taking on the role of Course Co-ordinator for that year assisted by Ken Jones. In 2009, he became the Greater Western Publicity Officer (later re-labelled Public Relations Officer), a position he held through to, and including 2015.
In 2013, Mike extended his involvement to Sydney U3A when he became a member of the Management Committee of Sydney U3A, taking on the role of Vice President Public Relations, a position he held until 2016.
Besides his adored wife, U3A was Mike’s life. He was a ‘larger than life’ personality – a gentleman who cared and gave greatly of himself. He will be missed.


Events to put in your diary

  • Fifth Tuesday Lecture: On Tuesday, August 29, Christine Wenborn will give a talk entitled Animal Watcher. The talk begins at 10.00 for 10.30 at Club on East (formerly Sutherland United Services Club) and is open to members and the public for the donation of a gold coin.
  • Fifth Tuesday Lecture: On Tuesday, October 31, Elisabeth Peters will give a talk entitled Bob Dylan – The Times They Were A-Changing. The talk begins at 10.00 for 10.30 at Club on East (formerly Sutherland United Services Club) and is open to members and the public for the donation of a gold coin.
  • Endeavour (Southern) Region’s AGM and Welcome to New Members (and old): Thursday, November 30 at 10.00 for 10.30 at the Cronulla School of Arts, Upstairs Theatrette. Entertainment and morning tea will follow the AGM. Contact Thelma King Ph: 9525 1580 to obtain nomination forms. New committee members very welcome.

Next Committee Meeting

The next U3A Endeavour Region (Southern) committee meeting will be held on:
Friday 4th August, 2017 at 10.00am
in the supper room at Cronulla School of Arts, Cronulla.  All members are welcome to attend.

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