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Have a look at what is happening in the Endeavour (Southern) region of Sydney U3A, which meets in the St George area and Sutherland Shire !

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News from our Region

Our members have been very busy. A large crowd attended the Fifth Tuesday lecture on Christine Wenborn’s experiences as an animal watcher at the zoo. Our Discovering Art group has recently visited the NSW Art Gallery while the Film Appreciation group heard a talk on technical developments in the film industry. The Science group were fascinated to learn about our local Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve and ShireSketchers have been honing their skills indoors and out. Learn about these activities in Reports from our Courses.

I would love to hear about your group’s activities for our October update. My email address is on the bottom of this page.

Animal Watcher

Did you know that you can volunteer at Taronga Park Zoo? Christine Wenborn did. After an intensive selection process, she became an animal watcher.
At the August 31 Fifth Tuesday lecture, we were fascinated, amused and amazed at the stories she told. It is not a job for the faint-hearted. Watcher sessions can at times last for up to two hours and occasionally the animals can behave unexpectedly like the silverback that roared threateningly right near her because he did not like the vet who had just joined her. One type of watch session is recording every single interaction of the animals with the items in the enclosure; another, every interaction with the fellow animals in a timed period. Christine had to learn the names of all the chimps in the chimp enclosure to do this. She began by differentiating males (tidy bum) and females (untidy bum). At other times, she has to watch an animal by video, for instance when birthing or, at another time, observe an animal the keepers are worrying about. Whatever the job, Christine loves the work so much she has now been an animal watcher for thirteen years.

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Events to put in your diary

  • Fifth Tuesday Lecture: On Tuesday, October 31, Elisabeth Peters will give a talk entitled Bob Dylan – The Times They Were A-Changing. The talk begins at 10.15 for 10.30 at Club on East (formerly Sutherland United Services Club) and is open to members and the public for the donation of a gold coin.
  • Endeavour (Southern) Region’s AGM and Welcome to New Members (and old): Thursday, November 30 at 10.00 for 10.30 at the Cronulla School of Arts, Upstairs Theatrette. Entertainment and morning tea will follow the AGM. Our guest speaker will be Robert Englund on the subject of Coincidence & Memories.Contact Thelma King Ph: 9525 1580 to obtain nomination forms. New committee members very welcome.

Next Committee Meeting

The next U3A Endeavour Region (Southern) committee meeting will be held on:
Friday 6th October, 2017 at 10.00am
in the supper room at Cronulla School of Arts, Cronulla.  All members are welcome to attend.

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